Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekend Plans Diverted

For MONTHS now I have been looking forward to driving up to DC (again) this weekend for a conference. I have attended the Faith and Freedom Coalition meeting a few times in the past, and wanted to go again this year. (In the past it was always a last second thing where someone offered me a paid for ticket, or I got dragged along by my family or something. This year I actually made the decision to go in advance and planned it!) I applied for a media pass (after all, I am the editor of, a paid blogger for the Motley Fool, and the associate editor of Meridian Magazine) and hoped I would get one. And I did! Yeah me! (This gave me serious validation in my career efforts.)
So after months of planning, setting up a dinner with lots of friends, arranging for a dog sitter, and getting a place to stay for free, naturally, at the last minute it all fell apart.
Go figure.
My whole point in going was to see one specific speaker in person. But they announced on Wednesday at that he wouldn't be there in person, and would be speaking via satellite- AND it would be streamed online.
So why was I driving four hours up there? And spending a few hundred dollars in gas, food, etc?
Good question.
One thing led to another, and now I am headed to Richmond instead for a different political meeting. What can I say? These things happen! (Aside: they have asked everyone to wear red for the meeting. I have no red business clothes. I can't decide if I want to go buy something red. But all Republican women, and single women, need one fun red dress, right? Maybe?)
I really did want to go to DC just to hang out with my friends again. Getting to see people last weekend and at Duck almost makes me feel like a normal single person again who socializes and knows people. Alas, it is not to be. Back to my regular life of hanging out with awesome teenagers, my cousins, and my dog.
I think my dog would be the most disappointed one in this cancellation (you know, if she was capable of such thoughts). If she knew how close she came to getting to spend a whole week at my sister's house playing with 3 other dogs, just for me to back out now, she'd be pretty ticked at me.

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  1. Anonymous3:49 PM

    just catching up on your SSV blog and wondering... did you ever meet Heath from Texas? Seems like an interesting fellow....I know it's non of my beeswax so I go away now.



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