Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Anyone want a writing gig?

Anyone interested in a writing job?
The Motley Fool is looking for more bloggers. It's a great gig.
As far as money goes, they pay better than any other freelance blogging gig I have ever found.
Worried you don't know anything about the stock market? Don't worry, you can be taught! As they put it to me when they took me on, "You can teach the stock market, but you can't teach good writing."
There is an extra, crazy huge bonus for new bloggers who sign up in July. (And a nice referral bonus for me!)
It is freelance work, pick and choose if and when you want to work, and even pick your own topic. (Granted- it has to be a stock market topic.) They offer direct deposit, and a very transparent, easy to understand payroll. (Which is also hard to find in the freelance writing world.)
If you live in the DC area you can attend a workshop they are offering in August (you have to be accepted as a blogger already). You can attend even if you don't live in DC, and just really want to visit.
If I can write [successfully] about stocks for one of the most respected, widely read expert sites, trust me, you can too!
If you want more info, email me.

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