Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Greetings from Girls Camp

We interrupt my week in the woods with lots of young women to bring you this important message-


I hope you will join me in my new cause to bring this book with good conservative morals to mainstream fiction!

Over the past 6 months I have worked hard to write 3 novels (and a fourth is still to come) featuring a woman of high moral character. What makes this book different from most other mainstream literature is that it is not a book about morals or values. Instead it is a fun, engaging, and at times thrilling and emotional, plot that just happens to be centered around a good conservative woman.

This is something not easily found in the mainstream press, which is why I have decided to self-publish.

Typically if books like these were presented to a commercial publisher the author would be forced to make the character evolve or change away from her traditional values. Or these books would be forced to go the way of a smaller, niche marketing publisher, where the general public would never discover it. Yet again, liberal values would win, as conservative values are labeled as old fashioned and undesirable. 

Why can't we have a strong, smart, conservative woman as a heroine without compromise? Isn't it time our values were represented accurately in entertainment and media?

Read a sample portion of the first chapter of the Haley project on Google Docs.

For this type of book to succeed it must be above reproach. It must be accurate, perfectly edited, and above all else, an exciting and engaging read. To ensure the top quality of a self-published book it takes more than just a passionate author. It requires editors, graphic designers, and other professional services, to produce a high quality self-published book. 

I cannot do this alone! I need your help to ensure top quality! If you are passionate about bringing true conservative values and morals to mainstream literature, please donate to my Kickstarter campaign today. 

Kickstarter helps people raise funds for creative projects. In order to receive the funds the full dollar goal must be met. If it falls even just a dollar short the funds are returned to the donors. (Donors are not charged until the full amount has been pledged and raised.) There are thank you rewards for different levels of donations. You can have a character named after you, or get a free copy of the book, or even have the whole book named after you- all depending on your level of donation. 

I can promise you this is a fun, exciting, and interesting series of books you will enjoy reading. You will identify and root for the heroine all the way. But before these books can make it to print we all need your help to make it happen!

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  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Erin, a good read for sure and the main character seems to have some erie similarities to a blogger I follow ;-). Good luck on getting it published !



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