Saturday, July 21, 2012

Last Plea for Help!

As you know, for the past several months I have been working hard to write three novels. I am happy to report that the books have been written, and the first in the series is ready to publish.

But self-publishing is not easy. In order to succeed a self-published book must be beyond reproach. And in the case of the books I have written, they must go a step further. These books are centered around family values, good morals, and a smart woman who refuses to compromise what she believes in.

It is exactly the kind of book that will be mocked for not embracing more "forward" thinking, or progressive ideas.

The book must be accurate (I reference real events, history, government, and the stock market- this book required a lot of research!), perfectly edited, and above all else, an exciting and engaging read. To ensure the top quality of a self-published book it takes more than just a passionate author. It requires editors, graphic designers, and other professional services, to produce a high quality self-published book.

As you can imagine, it is scary for me personally to put so much work into these books, and wonder what sort of criticism I will get when they are released. But I believe in what I am doing. I believe that there is an audience out there that will enjoy a book about a smart, funny, and moral woman as she navigates relationships and her career. Doesn't the world deserve a character who stands up for family values?

I hope you will join me in my new cause to bring family to mainstream fiction.

I'm days away from the finish line. To get there I need to raise $1,000 more dollars. The money pays for editors, a book cover designer, ISBNs, and galley copies of the book to send out for reviews. (Editors are not cheap! And I have hired some great ones!)

It isn't easy to go before your friends and ask for help. Especially when it is for money. I hope you understand how important the cause is to me that I so humbly ask for help.

Will you donate a few dollars to my Kickstarter (  campaign? Donations can be as small as $1! I would not expect you to donate without knowing more about the book! So I've put the first chapter up online for you to read-

I wanted to make sure that everyone gets something out of this campaign. I hate to ask for something and not be able to give something in return. So I have set up "rewards" for different levels of donations.

$5- Your name will be listed in the acknowledgements page of the book! Get the bragging rights in print to prove your contribution to making this book happen.

$25- I will make you a creative and personal YouTube thank you video, (and post it on and Facebook), plus your name in the acknowledgements of the book.

$50- Free, signed copy of the book. Plus the video, and your name in the book.

$75- Get all of the other previous rewards, plus a framed photograph of one of the key locations of your choice, found in the book (i.e.- FDR Memorial, White House, Times Square).

$100- Get all of the above, PLUS have a major character (good guy or bad guy) named after you! (The 2 main characters are not negotiable- but any of the other characters in the book could be you!)

$1000- I'll name the whole book after you. Seriously. And I'll throw in all of the other rewards too.

I know not everyone is in a position to donate right now. After two years of unemployment (and then deciding to follow the exciting and anything but lucrative career path to become a writer) I really do understand not everyone can donate. Would you mind supporting this cause by sharing it with others?

This is my last minute "Hail Mary" play. The Kickstarter campaign ends at 8 am Eastern on Monday morning. If I don't raise the full amount, I don't get any of it. (This is good news to you as the donor- you won't be charged if I don't raise the full amount.) That's not a lot of time to make this happen!

If I don't raise the funds, there is a backup plan. I will still get the books published, but it will take much longer to finish. (I won't be coming back to ask for funds again.)

Here's the link to Kickstarter-

Will you join me?

Thanks for all your support,

Erin Ann

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