Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mama Bear Meets Mama Duck (my week at Girls Camp)

We're back from Girls Camp. The picture above is me and my "Baby Ducks" as we arrived back at the church. Actually, we're short 4 Baby Ducks in this picture. "Number Two" is in the picture as well.
Let me explain the Baby Ducks. The nickname came from how often I started to feel like a Mama Duck. Everywhere I went I had a little flock of baby ducks following behind me. All I wanted to do was get them from Point A to Point B alive, and without wandering too far off the path- not unlike a Mama Duck. And sometimes easier said than done.
Much to my own surprise this week I discovered I'm not just a Mama Duck, I'm also a Mama Bear! You DON'T mess with my girls! Don't even think about it! Come to think of it, a Mama Duck will also attack if you mess with her babies. I think the Mama Duck and Baby Ducks are a great name for us!

See the van in that photo? Let me tell you a little story.
Have you ever had a moment where you just knew angels stopped a disaster from happening?
That was me this afternoon. After a week of this Mama Duck keeping her babies alive, and getting them from Point A to Point B and just one mile short of Point A again, our guardian angels put in some overtime. Just 2 stoplights short of getting back to the church, with me driving the big van (5 of the girls were in a different car. I only had 7 girls, but the van was stuffed to the gills with everyone's gear), I made a left-hand turn. Another car ran the light, and came within micro-seconds of t-boning us. I had to swerve hard, in the middle of my left-turn, to avoid the impact. With the van so heavy (and particularly top-heavy with bins stacked up in the back), my speed around the turn, and the abrupt swerve, I felt the van go up on two tires on one side. The other car just barely missed us, but then I nearly hit another car head-on. I swerved again, just barely missing that car by a fraction of an inch.
I felt the force of how close we came to the van rolling over. I know just how close we came to both getting t-boned, and to getting into a head-on collision in the middle of a busy intersection. I have never, ever been so scared in my life.  I have also never before been more sure that an angel had to have been holding up that van to keep us from falling over.
Somehow the girls missed most of what happened. With so much stuff in the back, they couldn't see out the windows to see how close we came on the side. And only the one in the front seat saw how close we came to the other car. By the time we reached the next stoplight they were all singing along again to One Direction. I could barely breathe I was so upset.
We got to the church just 2 minutes later. I got out of the van and absolutely fell apart crying. Both the RS President (mother of 2 of the girls) and the Bishop were right there (it was the Bishop's van), and helped me get my act together. For the most part the girls missed my crying too! (Although it would have been fine for them to see me cry. Heaven knows it wouldn't be the first or last time that has happened this week!)
All in all, it was a great week with my Baby Ducks. I loved being their Mama Duck.
My favorite part of the week just so happens to be caught on video. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the Back Creek Baby Ducks Girls Camp Flash Mob!

Although, I do have to agree with Christley (I think she was the one who said it?). Sometimes the best part of the week is the fun and goofiness in the car on the way home. We really know how to car jam!

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