Thursday, July 05, 2012

Screen Time

My new little netbook has arrived. Do you see how small it is next to my old laptop?? I'm so excited.  It is just an 11" netbook. Just a baby really. It barely weighs over 2 lbs. Considering all of the places I have to travel over the next few weeks alone, I cannot wait to carry this little thing around. The big brown laptop? It weighs closer to 7 lbs, I think. It is great for watching movies on, and for saving my eyesight on days where I have to type for 12-16 hours. But it is killing me to haul it places. The new one only weighs a tiny bit more than my Nook. (Oh how I wish tablets were more convenient for endless hours of typing. But they just do not work for full-time writing needs. Le sigh.)
I have to give the Amazon seller some credit here. I ordered my laptop at 1 am (maybe 2 am) Tuesday morning. Amazon didn't offer an overnight shipping option, but I did pay for the best option available. (I needed it by Friday when I leave town. I tried to buy one from 5 different stores in my town. But due to the derecho and ongoing power outages in my town, EVERY single computer retailer in my town was closed. Talk about crazy bad luck.) I emailed the seller and asked if I could pay for upgraded shipping. They told me not to worry about it and they would take care of it. That was early Tuesday morning. It is now before lunch on Thursday and the netbook has arrived. [Assuming the netbook works great] I will definitely buy from eBizTek again!

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