Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just a few more days...

Any day now I will be self-publishing my first novel.
True, I have published a novel once before that I co-wrote. (Now available on Amazon Kindles for $10.19.)
And I wrote a novella I self-published as well (also available on Kindle for just 99 cents).
But this one is different. This is a book I wrote all by myself. All 400+ pages of it.  Yes, I hired help with the review, editing, design, and proofing. But this is my baby, my work.
There are just a few little details hanging out there that have to get tied up before the book is published. But I'm THISCLOSE to getting it finished.
It is scary. It is exciting. This is a little part of me out there for the world to judge, buy, critique, love, or hate. I can't pretend someone else wrote it, or an editor or publisher forced me to change something. This is all me.
I'm getting nervous!

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  1. It's wonderful!!! I can't wait to see it's impact.
    <3 you!


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