Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stupid is as stupid does

Yesterday I got emails from a service I haven't used in years. It was always an informal, non-professional service, but the emails I got yesterday (and I would imagine a few of my friends may have received) proved that a little too much!

The following was sent out with a link, and with all of the email addresses showing!! This service has never before sent out any sort of email to their subscribers before!

Email #1-
We recently moved this site to a new server and your password was reset to: (INSERT VISIBLE PASSWORD)   Please use this the next time you log in and then promptly change your password back to how you had it or whatever you'd like. Sorry for any inconvenience and let me know if you have any questions.

A few minutes later, this was received-

Email #2- also sent out to a large list with all of the addresses showing!
Thanks, (PERSON'S NAME)!  Hey, can we review this list? These are not all folks I'd want to keep on our list for emails like this, and when you do send them out, you might consider sending out as BCC's, so everyone doesn't see the list of private emails. 

(PERSON'S NAME) is no longer a writer, and the (FAMOUS PERSON) are musicians who shouldn't need access to our site. (PERSON'S NAME) was a previous writer.  (PERSON'S NAME) is no longer with us.  This may seem a strange email to many of these people.  Let's clean up that list perhaps. Thanks so much for your efforts in moving things along.

Can we change the password one more time and then send it only to the management team and I'll forward to my team?
And yes the (PERSON'S NAME) also all had easily identifiable email addresses showing as well. 
Stupidity. It's what's for breakfast. 

Also, this is why you should always keep track of your passwords and change them regularly.

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