Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Loving

The past few days have been filled with very high highs, and nearly unexplainable lows. And right in the middle was a very fun time.
The highs included unexpected blessings coming from nowhere and landing in my lap. Job interviews, potential leads, and other opportunities I hadn't sought out came to me. I'm very grateful.
The lows include cancer, death, illness, and sadness, of an almost unfathomable depth.
And it all danced around a fun trip to the river with friends for tubing and boating.  The picture above is my favorite of the weekend because it shows exactly what it was like- lots of laughter, high speed boating, singing (karaoke), and even a little on the boat dancing to my iTunes. And there was lots of good food too.
I leave the weekend with an aching heart, a full heart, and absolutely no voice at all.

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