Wednesday, August 22, 2012

You Heard It Here First

It's official! My book will be ready on Nook and Kindle by Friday! (The paperback copies won't be ready for about a month.) I am looking for anyone with a Nook or a Kindle (or just the apps on your computer or phone- which are free and anyone can get!) to review my book. I have a way of magically giving it to you for free. In exchange, if you like it, I hope you will share it with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or your own blog.

If you are interested, leave me a comment, and let me know how to reach you, and if you have a Kindle or Nook!



  1. Argh! Wordpress kicked me out. Please contact me at MormonYoYoMan (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. I'd love to review it - I have a kindle. You can reach me at j.angelfish37 at gmail

  3. I have a kindle. :)

  4. Kindle? Couldn't fit my fingers to the keyboard. I gotta Nook Tablet. Cheap. (Very happy today, as I'm being released from.the hospital right now, and will soon be sitting in front of a.real keyboard again!)


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