Wednesday, September 19, 2012

As a token of my appreciation for you clicking on the links below

Thanks for coming by. Here's a funny cat video as a token of my appreciation.

So here's the thing, folks.
I don't get paid in page views. I get paid per article.
But! Once my articles reach a certain number of page views I get a nice little bonus. And once my last 10 articles average a certain number of page views, I GET PAID DOUBLE on all articles going forward (or while the high average lasts).
I am THISCLOSE to hitting that high average.
You have no idea how close!
For months (8 months to be precise) I have withered at exactly half of that magic number. But for the past few weeks I've made a lot of changes to my articles, and now my page views are skyrocketing.
But I need your help. I need just a few more page views on a few articles, and I will hit that magic average and get paid DOUBLE. And you have no idea how much I need the extra money right now. (What with one of my employers not having the money to pay me at all this month!)
You don't have to click repeatedly on the articles. I only need one click per article per awesome friend.

3 Reasons to Avoid Wind Energy (good or bad for the environment, it isn't so good for investing)
5 Companies Involved in Blood Phone Conflicts (blood phones are the new blood diamonds)
1 Bean and 1 Warm Winter Gummed Up Energy Stocks (personally I found this story fascinating, if you are anti-fracking (which I'm not necessarily) here is some "gum" for your arsenal. a bean in India is messing with Halliburton's profits, which in turn is messing with your ice cream. true story.)
Phenomenal Earnings at Disney Fail to Impress (if you have never really understood the stock market, this piece will really make you question the entire concept of "analyst expectations.")

Just click away! One click per story! That's all it takes!

As a second thanks to you for being so nice, I give you "umma gangnam style." In case you haven't heard yet, this is the next big thing. All kids will be learning the gangnam style dance (if they haven't already), but none of them will do it as cool as this grandma.

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