Sunday, September 23, 2012

home, job, and life renovation

With my new found reality TV education, I'm pretty sure I could renovate any kitchen into this design in just one weekend!

I am definitely my mother's daughter.
When I was a kid my mom used to regularly take us to "just look at a house real quick." She also took interior design classes, and even had her own home design business for a while. And if you have ever been in one our houses, you know she loves to fix things up, decorate, fix it up more, decorate, etc. We've always had very pretty homes!
(Last week as we prepared for the wedding at my house I had to apologize for broken chairs multiple times. "Sorry! My mom likes to buy broken or old stuff and renovate it! She hasn't fixed that one yet!" And then I had to go hide the broken, but very pretty, chairs.)
Eventually our family got cable TV, and eventually HGTV became a thing. And my mother discovered home design and renovation shows. And she became their most devoted fan.
And now, I've joined the club. I'm watching hours and hours of design, renovation, and real estate shows.
Today it got so bad I actually caught myself watching a show while job hunting online. I found a nice job description, so I went and looked up the neighborhood the company is located in, found some available home sales, and immediately started remodeling them in my head.
All this before I even thought to apply for the job.
It may be time to turn off the TV and return to the real world where I don't actually know how to knock down a wall with a sledgehammer, or how to install cost-effective heating in a 100 year old row house. Nor do I have a job or money to do any of these things.
(Which reminds me, anyone want to buy a book?  "You Heard It Here First!" on Amazon, Nook, and Kindle!)

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