Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Operation Perfect Week

Operation Perfect Week is under way.  What is Operation Perfect Week you ask? This week instead of just focusing on one goal or attempting to do one thing differently, I'm doing everything- perfectly. 
It starts the minute I wake up. I'm getting up on time, reading my scriptures, saying prayers, walking the dog, yoga-ing, eating breakfast, everything! I'm not taking shortcuts anywhere. I'm doing everything all the time.
Normally life throws a million wrenches into plans. Rarely do I have a simple, no-frills week, where I have no excuses not to do everything. But the problem is I rarely get the chance to do "everything" and as a result I'm not in the habit of doing them. So instead of trying to be better about saying my prayers, or eating healthy, and forgetting my goals after 1-2 days (or heck, hours), I'm going full throttle and doing EVERYTHING. 
I'm eating healthy. 
I'm sticking to a schedule. 
I'm keeping the house clean and deep cleaning one thing a day. 
I'm meeting all of my writing goals each day (which is how I make money). 
I'm not losing my temper.
I'm thinking happy thoughts and being more grateful. 
I'm getting dressed and looking presentable first thing in the morning. 
I'm working out.
People, I'm doing EVERYTHING. 
I figure the "constant vigilance" (think Professor Moody from "Harry Potter" yelling this) will help keep me dedicated and focused on each goal. 
I'm not implying I will have a perfect week. In fact this has already turned out to be a tough week- disappointments, setbacks, frustrations, heartbreak, etc. But I will give everything my best efforts. So far it has been exhausting. I never relaxed yesterday- there was always one more thing to do. Today is much easier, but it still takes "constant vigilance" to stay on top of everything and reach my goals. I look forward to seeing which of these efforts become natural habits, and which of them proves worthless!

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