Thursday, October 11, 2012

Another Season, Another Brazilian Keratin Treatment

As mentioned a few posts ago, I tried another Brazilian Keratin Treatment (also known as Brazilian Blowouts) in my hair this week. The brand I have used in the past, Coco's Brazilian,  (read my experience here - "Brazilian Blow Out Before and After"), no longer sells in single applications. You have to spend over $300 and get a salon size now.
That doesn't work for me, so I have been looking around for a different brand of the same quality. I loved the effectiveness and results of the CoCo's brand, so all other brands have a lot to live up to.
A few months ago I saw this cheap brand at Sally's Beauty Supply. It was only about $30, so I bought it and gave it a try. It was completely worthless. Three days later there was no evidence that I had even used it. (And yet, the application and amount of time it takes to apply it is the same as the other brands. So really, I lost about 3 hours of my life to this worthless product.)
I went back to Amazon this week to try and find something in my price range with good reviews (at least 4 stars and under $100). I found the Complex BrazilianGlobal Brazilian Complex Keratin Hair Treatment  for $79. It only had one review (which gave it 5 stars), but the ingredients, application, and everything else sounded exactly like the CoCo brand, so I decided to buy it. Here are the before and after pictures!

Here is my hair, clean, blow dried, but not flat ironed or curled, and no shiny substances, or hair serum.

It's always a little bushy, slightly frizzy, a few waves and crinkles, and (as all blonds have experienced) you can see every single hair ending. It's just not shiny or smooth without a lot of work.
(Also do you have any idea how hard it is to take a picture of the back of your own head?)

The first step to a Brazilian Keratin Treatment is to use a clarifying shampoo (comes in the kit). You can tell immediately it removes all of the conditioners and other substances out of your hair. You wash it and then blow dry completely.
My hair after it has been "clarified."
It is a gigantic, poofy mess, and I can't run my fingers or a hair brush through it.
You then apply all of the keratin treatment to your hair (using a paint brush and parting hair into sections), and blow dry it. Some brands will warn you to do this in a well ventilated area. There is a very good reason for this. IT STINKS TO THE HIGH HEAVENS!! My eyes, nose, and throat were burning!! IT WAS AWFUL!!! I had the window open in the bathroom, and had to periodically stick my face out and just breathe in fresher air. Finally it got so bad I took the blow dryer to the back deck and dried my hair out there. (What? It is totally normal to stand on your deck at 11 pm at night and blow dry your hair!)
After the hair is totally dry (and really, I've never managed to get my hair "totally" dry. I did get it drier with this brand than I have with others in the past.), you take a very, very hot flat iron and straighten out the hair, piece by piece. The hair will steam (and STINK!) as the keratin gets "fused" into the hair. I had to leave windows open, and have a fan blowing on me the whole time. It just smelled BAD. (The CoCo's brand smelled like chocolate. It still smelled bad, but only like burned chocolate. It didn't stink so much I wanted to run away from my own head.)
In the past it has taken anywhere from 2-4 hours to do the straightening on my hair to the point where it was "dry" with the keratin in it. This time it only took me 1.5 hours to do alone because my hair was so much drier than the other times.
Another strange difference in this brand compared to the others was you only have to leave it in overnight. The other brands suggest 2-3 days. I chose to leave it in about 36 hours, just to be safe.
Here are the after pictures-

My hair is very shiny, very smooth, and very little wave to it. I'll be honest- it isn't as perfect as it was after my first treatment with CoCo's, but it is good enough. I still had to use a hair brush while I dried it. (With CoCo's I could wash it, and comb it out with my fingers while blow-drying to get these same results.) All I have done in this picture is blow dry it with a paddle brush, nothing else. No round brushing, no flat iron, no serums, etc.

All in all, I am happy with the results. The bottles came with enough product in them that I will be able to get a second application out of them in a few months. I like the results enough to use it again.

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