Sunday, October 07, 2012

Downton Abbey


Like pretty much all of the women I know, I am a huge Downton Abbey fan.
So huge in fact, that it was killing me, KILLING ME I SAY, to know that Season 3 is playing in the U.K., but they are making Americans wait till January or some nonsense like that. So I got it into my head to see if there was some way to find the episodes online. 
And I did. 
But they aren't entirely legal. And yet, I'm not entirely sure that they are illegal either. The site I found them on seems incredibly legit. 
Normally I am very, very opposed to illegal downloads. When your personal livelihood depends upon royalties, you can get rather passionate about illegal downloads and copyright infringement. 
But this time justification was not hard to come by. I know full well that even though I'm watching it in a slightly questionable gray area right now, I will still watch it again when it airs in the States, and I will likely even buy and download it as well. (I've even pre-ordered Season 3 on Amazon.) Yes, the dues will be paid to those who deserve them.
And so I justify it and don't feel guilty about it. At all. 
There's just one huge drawback. No one else is watching it with me! I have no one to swoon over Mary's wedding dress with, and all of the twists and turns going on this season. (And you thought last season had drama!!)
So who out there is with me on the Downton Addiction? Any other Abbey Lovers?
And if you are not yet a Downton Abbey fan, you can get a free Amazon Prime account right now, and download it on Amazon instant for free! (Or watch it on Hulu or Netflix!)


  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    ok I watch with my wife, we've seen 3 episodes of Season 3 cause in Canaduh, we can download. I think the wedding dress looks like a white potato sack, don't you agree?


  2. Oh... I'm watching!!

    Someone else's dress is lovelier!!!
    Maybe we need to skype after we watch Downton Abbey.


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