Thursday, October 04, 2012

I came, I saw, I shopped

I got a little wild and crazy today. 
I got paid. 
And therefore, I shopped. 
A lot. 
And I did most of it online. (But not all of it. Obviously I also had to go to Target and other places. The national economy can thank me later.) 
And now I need your feedback. 
Just a few of the things I purchased today-

It is time for another Brazilian Keratin Treatment. (I'll do a full before and after report after the weekend.)


And since the brand I have used previously has TRIPLED in price, I'll be trying this one out now.

And obviously I needed a rice cooker, right? (I used to have a great one, but it has been sitting in storage forever. I miss it.)

A few months ago I bought this dress when I was in a major rush.

(Except my dress doesn't have the ruffle thing.) I love this dress, but because I was in a rush, I didn't realize just how far down the arm holes go. I will never understand why dresses (and shirts) are made this way. No one wants to see into your armpit and to your bra. It's just ugly and tacky.
But with it being a red dress, deep v-neck, empire waist, short sleeved, etc., I'm finding it very hard to make it work.
So today I bought this "nude" camisole (that I'm hoping will barely be visible under the dress, and yet provides the coverage I need), and this long sweater.

I'm hoping the long sweater will help make the dress work a little bit better for winter.
And then I decided that OBVIOUSLY I need shoes to go with the dress, sweater, and all of my other clothes too.

And that is how I came to buy these cute little booties. I'm still not convinced that I like booties with dresses. The fashion world wants me to believe that the look goes together, but I'm still not a fan.  I actually have no shoes that will work for the winter, so this wasn't too much of a stretch to convince myself to buy. And I'm pretty sure the boots will look cute with the sweater, (and I'll at least try them once with the dress).

I also bought a hand mixer, carpet runner, Swiffer thingy, and a bunch of other random things. Oh and a lot of hummus. I've been craving hummus big time. I have no explanation for that.

Now, I must go. I have this ridiculous urge to go use the Swiffer and "mop" the living room. Funny how new household items can do that to you.

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