Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Sleepy Baby!

You want to know what is awesome?
This is - Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child.
Let me put it this way- when the babysitter is telling you how easy it is to put a two year old to bed, the system works.
The little guy I was watching all week is on this program. Let me tell you how easy bedtime is. He gets dinner, a bath (which is adorable because he does the full naked baby RUN for the bathtub), and then I put a diaper and pajamas on him. I personally chose to sing him a little song, and a little hug and kiss, and plop him in the crib. He usually dove head first to get into the crib. He calls out a little, "night night!" I shut the door, and we're done. He wakes up about 12 hours later, but doesn't cry. He just hangs out in his crib till someone comes and retrieves him.
The routine repeats at naptime. Lunch, diaper, crib. He sleeps 3 hours.
Does your baby go to bed that easily?
A 2 year old who goes to bed so easy that the babysitter is impressed?
Does your baby go to bed at all for the babysitter?
Seriously, that's how good this program is.
I highly recommend it.
Don't know if I'll ever have little kids, but if I do, I will be using this book!

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