Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Christmastime is Here Again

I've picked up blogging at my "Cutting Back and Going Green" blog again. I will be sharing Christmas deals, recipes, gift ideas, popular product comparisons, and cost saving ideas throughout the holidays!

My first few posts-

And while I'm busy promoting myself-

Will the Energy Sector Improve in Obama's Second Term? You might be surprised. There's more than a few people who think we'll see the no-longer-campaigning-and-not-stuck-making-promises-to-financial-supporters- second term president be a little friendlier to the oil and energy industry.

And don't forget my novel, You Heard It Here First is only $2.99 on Kindle and Nook.  Autographed paperback copies are available for $7.99 plus shipping as well!

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