Sunday, November 18, 2012


A significant date came and went for me this past weekend.
Not a date that anyone else has ever been alerted to before.
It's the day I change my age over.
No, my birthday isn't for 2 more months (to the day to be exact). But the next two months fly by, what with the holidays and all, and suddenly it is my birthday, and boom, I'm a year older, but it still feels like we're back in Thanksgiving, just treading water, trying to get through the holidays.
And so, somewhere along the way, I just started to change my age the week the holiday madness begins.
No need to send birthday cards or gifts. Or to even acknowledge my age in general. But feel free not to look at me completely askance when I give an age you aren't familiar with.
Because this year I've decided to be 36.

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