Saturday, November 24, 2012

So not what the doctor ordered

This has not been the week I had planned.
It was supposed to be an exciting week with volunteering at the local rescue mission in my town, and going up to NY/NJ to do Hurricane Sandy relief work. Not to mention, being the ultimate hostess for some visiting relatives.
What happened instead?
The world's nastiest head cold, that's what happened.
2 boxes of Kleenex, 2 rolls of toilet paper, 1 bottle of NyQuil, 1 bottle of Mucinex, a bag of cough drops, more rounds of the neti pot than I can count, and 5 days later-
I am still sick.
I started on antibiotics for it this morning.
All I do is sit/sleep/stare vacantly at Netflix for about 2 hours, and then sit up for an hour, sit/sleep/stare for 2 hours, sit up for an hour.
I haven't left the house since Tuesday, maybe Wednesday. It's all a blur. I can't remember anything.
All I want at this point is to sleep through the night. Right now it feels like the impossible dream.
here's a video to entertain you -

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