Thursday, November 01, 2012

Support Riverkids and Fight Sex-Trafficking in Cambodia with just $10!

 Your donations will go to help these exact girls in this picture! Plus many more!

Can you donate $10?

Global Giving's going to split their huge Girl Effect fund — $450,000 raised last year — between 12 winning charities this November. And with a $10 donation, you can help Riverkids win.

We need to get at least 800 unique donors in November to win and completely fund our wonderful Get Ready for Girls in Cambodia. How are we going to do that? With your help!!

Can you donate $10 and then ask 10 friends to donate $10? 
Give Now

Tell them why you support Riverkids. (Read about my personal experiences with Riverkids!)

Tell them about living in slums in Cambodia where a girl has to choose between collecting trash on the streets or being sold to a bar, and school is a distant dream. (Break out your tissue box and read my first-hand account of meeting these girls and what their lives are really like.)

Tell them how their $10 will snowball into support for those girls to get a chance to go back to school or find safe jobs.

Tell them that you know their $10 will go to local grassroots work that gives practical help that works.

Tell them that more than sixty girls  have already graduated, and one of them, Sothea, is headed to university this year on a scholarship, the first in her family ever to even graduate high school!!!

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