Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Buy the Book(s)!

Just a little reminder!
There is still time (if you order it by Wednesday, noon Eastern time) to gift a signed copy of "You Heard It Here First!" It's $7.99 plus shipping! And we can skip the formalities of using Amazon or CreateSpace and just use paypal for you to order it straight from me, so that we can make sure it happens on time! 

Get the e-book on Barnes and Noble (Nook) or Amazon (Kindle) for $3.99. To get a signed paperback, just send me an email (or leave a comment below).

And did you know you can "gift" e-books as well? It's true! You order and pay for it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble, and the recipient gets an email letting them know you gave it to them. You can even arrange to have the email sent on Christmas, or any other specific day! Not a bad deal!
Get the first serialized section of the sequel to "You Heard It Here First" on Barnes and Noble (Nook) or Amazon (Kindle) for $1.99

And don't forget my novella, "The Agency!" It's just $1.99 on Amazon exclusively.

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  1. I got a Kindle for Christmas and just bought your book - yippee - never paying postage on books to Australia again.


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