Wednesday, December 05, 2012

This Just In - $1.99

Haley McAdams has found the love of her life in Camden Morrison. She's landed her dream job and fame and fortune are hers for the taking. Her life reads like the perfect modern-day fairy tale. She's never been happier. 
But just as the starbursts and fairy dust begin to settle, the fireworks and explosions begin. Cam's career is on the line, and worse, Haley is starting to realize they may not want the same things from their relationship. Her best friend Jessica is about to lose everything, and Haley doesn't know how to help her.
Just when she thinks she has it all figured out, she finds herself back in the spotlight as scandals, pirates, and a kidnapping turn her life upside down. 
Is her life a fairy tale or a complete nightmare?

Each installment of the serial will be about 50-60 pages. Overall, the paperback book will be roughly 300 pages (which are 6x9, Verdana 9 pt, in case you are curious). The paperback won't be printed until the serials have all been published. I expect installments will come out every 3-4 weeks, and will cost $1.99 each.

This Just In! Part One- on Kindle
This Just In! Part One- on Nook 


  1. Oooh this looks like a good one!!

  2. Loved "You Heard it Here First", looking forward to seeing where things go!


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