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Things that go bump in the night (in my head)

Something woke me up at 6 a.m. this morning. I am not a morning person. I rarely rise before 8. I think it was thunder that woke me, but I really don't know. It woke the dog as well. I tried to go back to sleep, but finally gave up and got my day going before it was even 7 a.m.
By 9 a.m. I had managed to write some blog posts (for, do the dishes, and start a load of laundry. By 11 a.m. I had all of my editorial work done for the day, plus the kitchen was clean. And somewhere in all of that I yielded phone calls, took a shower, and even colored my hair. (The drama my hair has been through in the last 2 months could be a whole blog in itself!)
It was a strangely productive day. I honestly didn't know what to do with myself after that. With so much free time on my hands I did what I am prone to do- shop. Even after I did that I still managed to have time on my hands, so I cleaned and organized my closet.
And somewhere in all of that I got some exciting…

Just wishing, and hoping, and dreaming, and thinking

I've been thinking a lot about "what comes next" in my life lately. Get a job? Move? Make it work here? Move but continue freelancing and self-employment? Some days it feels like I have a thousand too many options, and other days it feels like I have none.
I've tossed around the idea of continuing to freelance and move to a Third World country (Haiti, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc). I could follow my dream of building a self-sustaining orphanage, while continuing to be employed enough to provide for myself in one of those countries.
Today I was watching an old episode of the "West Wing" where they are campaigning in New Hampshire and Iowa. I also wrote an article about religious liberty today for Meridian Magazine. It all gave me the idea to move to Iowa and set up a religious liberty non-profit organization. I could be politically active, work with up and coming presidential contenders, and give Republicans something to talk about besides corn.
I also applied fo…

Looking for something to read?

Looking for something good to read?
I have a few suggestions! In fact, I have more than a few suggestions, I have an entire website full of them!
Go check out my new website It is a free service to the writers (and the readers). I created it as a way for LDS writers to share their books (both mainstream and Mormon oriented) with their target audience. Not all Mormons can get to a Deseret Bookstore. And not all LDS authors get carried by Deseret Book! And many LDS authors have started to self-publish, and you rarely find those books in a major bookstore. So how do readers find the latest books from their favorite authors if the authors aren't in the bookstores?
Go check it out! There is everything from chick lit to Relief Society lessons to vampires and the paranormal to financial planning!

And while I'm talking about books-
I just finished reading "The Litigators" by John Grisham this weekend. I…

After all, he's just a man

I wrote this article ("Being Single: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb") two weeks ago. Normally I can shake off negative comments on the Internet and walk away. However, a comment was left on the article that has been eating at me ever since. I am the community moderator for the site and get to decide which comments get posted and which get deleted. For other writers I play it safe, and always delete the negative ones. (The rule is that you may disagree or be negative. However, if you insult the author or the article, you get deleted. And if you've been on the Interwebz for long, you know it is almost impossible for most people to disagree without lobbing insults.) But when it comes to my own articles, I usually don't care and will let the negative ones post, even if they insult me. I bank on other readers coming to my defense, and it has always paid off.But this time... well, I deleted a comment. I don't think it was meant to be insulting. Or…

Send Erica Under the Sea

Erica is the niece of my good friend, Misty, who has helped me and supported me dozens of times over the years. I am repaying her that kindness and helping to spread the word about Erica's project and scholarship efforts!

Thanks for taking the time to consider contributing to my cause. Please allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Erica. I am a junior at Miamisburg High School. I have a passion for marine biology. In addition, I enjoy working with high-risk youth. I am having difficulty deciding which field I should study in college.
I am currently taking a class called Environmental Resource Management Technology. This class will help me earn 13 college credits while I'm still in high school. At the end of the summer, the class will be taking a trip to Florida so we can become certified in SCUBA diving and work on a research project before and during the trip. In addition to this, we will be working with conservationists to plant coral.
If I am able to raise the fun…

I like my Baby Ducks

The past 3 weeks have been a bit of a black hole for me. Passing a kidney stone(s) is not a pleasant experience, but there were a few life lessons learned along the way, and a few bright spots.

The pain began on a Friday evening right as several my darling "Baby Ducks" arrived for our semi-annual slumber party. Both the girls and I look forward to our party for months. We watch a movie, dance, eat, giggle, etc. I throw a big air mattress or two on the floor in the family room, and we sleep "girls camp style" all over the place.

Minutes after the girls arrived I started to hurt. I tried to shake it off, but as the night went on, I felt worse and worse. The girls had taken to YouTube to teach themselves new dances. Normally I would get up and dance with them. It's a lot of fun! But instead I found myself screaming out in pain once or twice, and lying on the mattress, trying to act like it was no big deal. The girls were on to me, but we all pretended it wasn'…

Haiti - 3 years later

It has been 3 years since the devastating earthquake hit Haiti. I still haven't forgotten one minute of my experiences there.

This Just In! 2.2

The second section of the serialized sequel is set to sell!
(I just really like saying that.)

Part Two of THIS JUST IN! is now available for $1.99 on Amazon! (Nook coming soon.)

When we last left Haley and Cam, Cam had endured and succeeded in a very tense first meeting with Haley's father. The couple was discussing marriage, but Haley was beginning to have doubts.
Big questions are resolved, but as Haley learns, life goes on and more questions are always asked!

The Case of the Missing Jeans

I can't find my favorite jeans anywhere. I've looked in all logical, and a few illogical, places.  This is a little disturbing.  Here's the thing, I've been passing a kidney stone for the past 11 days. (Lucky me.) I'm taking a couple types of painkillers- the kind that make you sleepy, dizzy, loopy, and downright stupid.  I have no fear on these medications. I will say or do just about anything. (I may or may not have broken out in song and dance in a store- twice- last week.) So this has me a little concerned.  Where are my jeans? I wear them more often than not. I wear them several times a week. I don't lose these jeans- if they aren't on my butt, they are usually in a pile on the floor of my bathroom or bedroom. They don't go far!  So where are they? Where and what was I doing when I took off my jeans last? If it wasn't my bedroom, the bathroom, or the laundry room, where was I when I took my pants off??

Mormon Authors - my newest project!

A few weeks ago I got an email from one of the most popular Mormon fiction writers currently on the market. She's a friend of mine and she recently self-published a few new books. She lamented to me some of the difficulties she was having getting the word out to her fan base that she had this new book out there. Without the resources of her usual commercial publisher, she didn't know how to reach her fans.
I wrote her back and told her I knew exactly how she felt. Getting my self-published books discovered beyond my own circle of friends and family has been quite frustrating as well.
Much to my surprise less than two weeks later I got an email from another very popular LDS writer. It was the same story. He had also decided to self-publish his latest work, and was trying to find ways to get the word out to his audience.
That's when it hit me- it wasn't just me. It wasn't just her, or him. We all had the same problem. How do you spread the word about your new book […

This Just In (part two)

Guess what will be coming out in just a few more days? 
What will you find in Part Two?

The Big Question about whether or not Haley is ready for marriage/engagement is answered.
And that's all you really wanted to know, right?
But why is Cam standing in front of a vault on the cover? You'll just have to read it to find out!

Have you read "This Just In! Part One" yet? Get it on Kindle or Nook for $1.99.

Describes my life all too well right now!