Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just wishing, and hoping, and dreaming, and thinking

I've been thinking a lot about "what comes next" in my life lately. Get a job? Move? Make it work here? Move but continue freelancing and self-employment? Some days it feels like I have a thousand too many options, and other days it feels like I have none.
I've tossed around the idea of continuing to freelance and move to a Third World country (Haiti, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc). I could follow my dream of building a self-sustaining orphanage, while continuing to be employed enough to provide for myself in one of those countries.
Today I was watching an old episode of the "West Wing" where they are campaigning in New Hampshire and Iowa. I also wrote an article about religious liberty today for Meridian Magazine. It all gave me the idea to move to Iowa and set up a religious liberty non-profit organization. I could be politically active, work with up and coming presidential contenders, and give Republicans something to talk about besides corn.
I also applied for a dozen jobs in the DC area (again). It always comes back to DC for me in the end. I've interviewed with several companies up there lately, and I'm just waiting to hear back. And the waiting is the hardest part.
So until something actually materializes or happens for me, I daydream up other options.

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