Monday, January 07, 2013

Mormon Authors - my newest project!

A few weeks ago I got an email from one of the most popular Mormon fiction writers currently on the market. She's a friend of mine and she recently self-published a few new books. She lamented to me some of the difficulties she was having getting the word out to her fan base that she had this new book out there. Without the resources of her usual commercial publisher, she didn't know how to reach her fans.
I wrote her back and told her I knew exactly how she felt. Getting my self-published books discovered beyond my own circle of friends and family has been quite frustrating as well.
Much to my surprise less than two weeks later I got an email from another very popular LDS writer. It was the same story. He had also decided to self-publish his latest work, and was trying to find ways to get the word out to his audience.
That's when it hit me- it wasn't just me. It wasn't just her, or him. We all had the same problem. How do you spread the word about your new book [beyond your own circle of friends] without spending so much money on advertising that you lose money on the book?
I stewed on this idea for a few days before the BIG IDEA hit me.
What we needed was a website, a clearinghouse, a bookstore without a store, or books, where readers could find out about the latest books (particularly the self-published ones) from their favorite authors.
And so I got to work making that happen.
I am very happy to launch my new site today!  
MORMON AUTHORS - e-books by LDS writers!
I've reached out to a few writers I had information for, and I've had dozens of writers contact me as the word has gotten out. I've already managed to get over 50 books listed on the site- books that most readers wouldn't have found out about otherwise! I'm excited to offer this service both to the writers and to the readers. The writers have desperately needed a place to share their books, and this is a much easier way for readers to find out about books.
So go check it out and I hope you discover (and buy) some fun new books!!

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