Wednesday, February 27, 2013

9 Ways to Woo Me

One of the more original shirts I found in Cambodia. "I miss you. Are you my left and right side?"

I came across Erin Burnett's 8 things a man can do to impress her list today, and found that I love it. It's a very honest and real list! (And while some of them are expensive, they aren't actually all that expensive for the circles I imagine she moves in. After all, she did marry a Citibank exec/former trader recently.)
Did you know Erin Burnett is one of my role models? True story- and not just because she has an awesome name (obviously). She is a former financial writer/reporter, and worked on my end of media before switching sides. And now she's an anchor with her own namesake show on CNN. And she appears to have a totally awesome personality (she drank a Heineken on a show once after doing a segment about beer prices), and has a great laugh. Yes, she's my professional role model.
So after I saw her 8 things list, it got me to thinking about my own list. What could a guy do to impress me?

1. Plan a special event for me from beginning to end, and thoroughly communicate the plan to me. Because my life revolves around planning and being responsible for events, it would mean a lot to me to have a special event taken care of.  I don't want to be surprised with a plan. (I hate that actually.) But for someone else to plan every thing and communicate it so that I'm prepared and relaxed? Dream come true!

2. Loan/buy/share/give me books. I love to read. I love to learn new things. I love it when a significant other shares their passion with me in the medium I best appreciate.

3. Read my books- and then talk to me about it. I know my books are aimed at young women, but it is flattering when a guy takes the time to read it anyway, and can have an intelligent discussion about it. (And don't be like the guy who told me he read it, and then sat around and mocked it to my face.) Telling me you read my work tells me you invested time in me. That's flattering! Let me enjoy it!

4. I love live music. A man who will find out what music I like to listen to, and will take me to a concert, will win me over really fast (especially if it isn't his first choice in music).

5. Get to know my friends and family. My 3 closest friends are like family to me. And I am very close to my family. For a man to actually make an effort to get to know my closest friends and family is very meaningful for me. (And likewise when he takes me to spend time with his friends and family.)

6. Put the phone away. The very best dates are when a guy says he's leaving his phone in his car because he won't be needing it while we are out. I hate sitting and waiting for a guy to finish up on his phone!

7. I'm not a sentimental girl, and I don't like to see wasted money. I'm not a fan of roses or other cut/dead flowers. But my favorite flower is easily found potted and live. Find out what my favorite flower is (hint: it's easy to figure out. it's not just on this blog, but in many other visible places in my life as well.), and give me that.

8. Something no one has ever done for me- do a humanitarian trip with me! (Is it any surprise that I've fallen in deep crush on nearly every humanitarian trip I've gone on? No!) Someone who likes/will do humanitarian work as much as I do will win me over in a heartbeat!

9. Play music for me! I'm a sucker for piano players. And guitar players too sometimes. But if it isn't played well (oy, there was this one date... so bad, so very, very bad), it doesn't work. Woo me by playing the piano for me!

That's pretty much it. I can't come up with a good solid tenth item. I have some half-hearted ones like "do not use teenspeak when texting me," "use a phone as an actual telephone, and not to text," but those are more pet peeves than must-haves. There's also "try new foods with me," but that isn't a must-have either, although it is close.

Personally, I think I am pretty easy going. I'm not coy or withholding about any of the information needed to do any of those things. But then, I can't recall a time when any one guy tried to do any of the above things for me (except for the horrible guitar player- blog post on him here!).

I'm pretty easy to please. Give me a book and one of the cheapest flowers out there, took off your cell phone, and practice the piano while I sit and read, and I'm going to be one really happy girl!

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