Thursday, February 14, 2013

I am my own Valentine

Like so many of my weeks, this has been a crazy and busy week. I'm not complaining. I like to be busy.
I was blessed to have several job phone interviews this week, and they all went well! They were all for different types of work, which was unusual. I feel like I am getting closer to a change, or a result, or something! The hardest part of this whole unemployment - job hunting journey is just not knowing what happens next and when it will ever happen. But right now feels good. There have been a lot of options (some unusual and unexpected) lately, and that feels good. Now, for one of these options to turn into an actual plan!
Today (if I get this posted in the next 5 minutes) was Valentine's Day. For the first time, possibly ever, I didn't have a poor, poor pitiful me kind of Valentine's Day. No, there was no man or special Valentine in my life. I just finally didn't let it get to me. I've really come a long way in the past few months with being comfortable with who I am as a single person, and the thought that maybe I will be single forever. Valentine's Day- no longer a thing.
I wrote/curated this article for Meridian ("Improve Your Valentine's Prospects"). I really recommend the list of suggestions for ways to improve your dating prospects. (I did not write the list- a singles ward bishop did.) I have personally done several of these suggestions in the past several months, and for the most part, I've had very positive experiences as a result. I hope others benefit from them as well.
Tomorrow night my darling "Baby Ducks" are coming over for a slumber party. I look forward to these nights just as much as they do. (The Baby Ducks are the young women from my church. I nicknamed them the baby ducks when we were at girls camp last summer. I told them I felt like a momma duck walking around with a trail of baby ducks following her. The name stuck and we all use it now.) Last month when some of the girls came over we watched "Pillow Talk" with Doris Day and Rock Hudson. The girls liked it so much that they have asked to watch it again so that the girls who weren't there can see it.  Of course, it is also one of my favorite films, so I don't mind watching it again!
This was one of their favorite scenes. Gotta love Rock Hudson!

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