Thursday, February 28, 2013

This Just In!

This Just In!

The Haley and Cam Series, Book 2

By Erin Ann McBride

Haley Jo McAdams’ life is a modern-day fairytale! She has the perfect boyfriend in Camden Morrison, a great job, friends, and success.
But no good deed can go unpunished! A new scandal has left Cam’s career and reputation on the line, just as Haley’s takes off. Should she stand by her man or defend her own reputation?
Pirates, death, kidnapping, love, marriage, and babies- is Haley’s life a fairytale or a complete nightmare?
When the fairy dust settles, the explosions begin!

It's here! It's done! It's the full, entire, completely released as one, book, and you can buy it on your e-reader for the low, low price of...
$5.50 if you buy it through Smashwords between now and Monday!
Full price is $8.99, but with coupon code YF76X on Smashwords you can get it for $5.50!
Not familiar with Smashwords? (Don't worry, few people are!) You can buy e-books for your Kindle, Nook, Sony, iBooks, and even just in PDF or text, through the site. You don't even have to have an e-reader to use it.

Or just buy it from Kindle direct for $8.99!
(It will be up on on Nook tonight or tomorrow. But it will only be available at full price there. GET IT FROM SMASHWORDS!)

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