Monday, March 11, 2013


Today a friend told me that she thinks I've been single and independent so long (too long) that I would probably never be able to settle down, partner up, and be happy with another person. The friend that said it knows me somewhat well, but probably not all that well, at the same time. She knows something aspects of my life, but not much about my past, or friends outside of Roanoke.
This is not a new remark. I think most singles hear it a few times after a certain age. And don't get me wrong, I do think that after a certain amount of time living alone and getting set in your ways, it does become harder and harder to integrate your life with another person's.
But the keyword here is "set in your ways."
This may be the thing that has been the most complicated and frustrated aspect of unemployment and aloneness these last few years. I don't have the luxury of getting set in my ways. I live in someone else's house. The dishes are not where I would like them to go. The couch and the TV are not where I would put them either. I have no control over any of the decor. I have little to no control over my future right now. I'm at the mercy of others in far too many ways. I can only wish I was getting set in my ways. I live for that day to come and happen to me again! I want my own place! I want to decide what brand of appliances to buy! I want to have the most important opinion over the dishes!
If anything can actually really be said about my life, especially these last few years, I am most definitely NOT set in my ways.
Now, don't get me wrong, this odd little recluse on the mountain lifestyle has killed my social skills. I crave conversation terribly. And then when I do get a chance to talk to a friend in-person it's like a volcano explosion. I'm Old Faithful, ready to burst at any moment. I get a little too excited and have way too much to say.  And that is a problem I really need to work on.
Set in my ways? Not really, not so much, but I don't blame others for thinking that might be the case. But really, with the punches I've had to roll with in the past few years, I've learned what few things really matter, and what things don't. I become more flexible by the day. If I don't hurry up and get a job soon, I'll become completely porous, unable to hold an opinion of my own!

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