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Launch Out Into the Deep

“Grasp every ennobling experience available to you. Embrace every dimension of living that challenges you, educates you, elevates you. Live for purposes greater than yourself. Lose yourself in the service of others. Reach beyond the shallowness of selfishness, of complacency, of mindless conformity, and of indulgence… This is the promise: launch out into the deep, and your nets will be filled... Your worldly success will partly be a function of your choices and capabilities, but will also be subject to the vagaries of life and chance. Fortunately our relationship with God depends on none of that. It is entirely at our control. For He is always at the door and knocks for us. Our worldly success cannot be guaranteed, but our ability to achieve spiritual success is entirely up to us, thanks to the Grace of God.”

-- Former Governor Mitt Romney in his Commencement Address at Southern Virginia University, April 27, 2013.

Raise Your Glass!

While sitting here drinking my morning DP, I came across this-

This is a screenshot of an infographic created by Cuvee Coffee, based on a survey done in 2011 by Dunkin Donuts, and if you substitute the word caffeine for the word coffee, you have my life.
Better yet, both of my professions (marketing and writing) are in the top 5. And while I would never actually call myself a financial professional, it isn't lost on me that I write about finances, giving me 3 things in the top 10.

Cheers, mates!

Numbers Don't Lie

I have a confession to make.
I like reading and studying up on the stock market and the economy.
As you may know, I write for the stock market advice site The Motley Fool. When I first started writing for them it was a painfully stressful experience. I admit, I knew only about as much as your average non-investor knew about the stock market. (Which is to say I knew "buy low, sell high," and not much else.) There was a steep learning curve this past year!
But I've actually come to enjoy and appreciate what I now study and write about each day. I now understand why it is important to be able to understand the numbers. It isn't always about how much money you can making buying and selling stocks. Sometimes it goes much deeper and broader than that.
For instance, I recently wrote an article about energy drinks and soda. If you were to believe everything you read on Facebook or Pinterest, (or anything Mayor Bloomberg says), you might think that Americans are drowning in …

What YOU Need to Know About New Blogger and Google+ Settings and Your Privacy

Like many of my fellow Bloggers, I received an email yesterday from Blogger (Google- the owner of Blogger). As far as I know this is the first email I have received from them in 9 years!

Here's the email-
Writing a thoughtful post and seeing how people engage can be really rewarding, so we’ve made it easier to reach a broader audience and see more of their reactions. Once you enable Google+ Comments, people can share the comments they make on your blog to their circles in Google+, helping you reach people that they know. And there's more: mentions of your posts on Google+ automatically show up right in your blog's comments, so you can see more of people’s public conversations about your content (and private conversations you’re part of).
I want to make sure my readers and friends know about this change.  I have enabled the Google+ Comments, although I do realize I have a choice. I don't want anyone to feel their p…

Pro-Marriage, Anti-Marriage

First, let me make this one point clear- I support the traditional family movement. I have read the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' statement on marriage, and choose to endorse it. I want to make that clear, because everything else I am about to say, may lead you to think otherwise.

A little bit about me. I am in my late thirties, a product of the 1980’s and the Mtv generation. I grew up in the suburbs, in a family with a mother and a father who have been married over forty years now. I am the oldest of four children.
Most importantly, I know that my “traditional” upbringing makes me unique. I can think of few friends who grew up in similar environments, with a stay-at-home mom, a dad in the picture, and siblings. Most of my friends, by far the majority, did not have this same arrangement.
To the best of my knowledge, most of my friends were raised by a divorced mother. They knew their fathers, but his presence in their lives varied from person to person. Some had dad…

Wake me up, when .... ends

I've yet again reached one of those weeks where my entire future could change with a simple phone call.
Or the call could come and nothing will change.
Either way, that call is coming.
And there is an expensive and painful dental appointment in my future.
Really, I'd like to fast-forward and get it over with. I'd rather just get to Friday and find out how it all turns out and not live in limbo all week.
But mostly, I just want to get to Saturday to see Doctor Who again.

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Need Something to Read?

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A Single Mormon Woman Reflects on Women Holding the Priesthood

Dear Friend,

Yesterday you asked about women in the Mormon Church holding the priesthood. I fired off some fast and too easy “internet responses.” I want you to know that your questions and comments were not ignored. In fact, I’ve thought about them quite a bit. I hope you'll forgive me my thoughtless responses yesterday, and accept my much more in-depth and thought out response below.

You raised important issues- why can’t women hold the priesthood? Why do men run the meetings? Why can’t women?

I’ve given this topic (and others I am about to address) a lot of thought over the years. My response today is not just the culmination of 24 hours of ruminating on current politics, but my cherished, deep-rooted beliefs, and understanding of the Gospel of Christ.

One of the key details that sets Mormons apart from other religions is found in a small verse in the Book of Mormon. As you know, we believe the Book of Mormon to be the word of God, another testament of Jesus Christ. Many o…

Will we see the Mormon Moment reflected in baptism numbers?

If you are one of my [awesome, welcome, much appreciated, fun, very cool] non-Mormon readers, the following post will require a bit of explanation. Keep reading, I explain things. If you are a Mormon, go ahead and jump down to the bold words.
Every year the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints hold its Annual General Conference in the spring, and the Semi-Annual General Conference in the fall. It is held in the same sort of format any business or corporation might hold an annual meeting- key speakers, addresses from general officers, and the reading of membership numbers. It is held in 5 sessions over 2 days. And it feels a lot more like a church meeting than a corporate annual meeting.
You can learn more about it here-

General Conference is upon us. Sometimes we watch conference in hopes of hearing answers to questions in our hearts and minds. Sometimes we watch expecting to hear answers to questions we didn’t know we have yet. But this year, amongst the spiritual growth and k…

Happy 43rd Wedding Anniversary to My Parents!

Happy 43rd Anniversary to My Parents!

Pie Chart of My Brain

Do you ever have so many things on your mind that you have to make a list of them so you don't forget what you were thinking about? It's not even a to-do list. It's just a list of things to think on? Or is that just me?
Well, there you have it. That's my life right now. There are tons of things to think about, but not that much going on. Well, nothing beyond the usual activities that is. But my brain is on overload with things to contemplate.  I think having so many things to think about is the result of not thinking about dating/love/one particular man.
I'm a serial monogamist, but I take it even one step further. I can't get over or give up a guy until the next one comes along. Even if the relationship is dead and gone, I tend to not move on until there is something to move on to. The heart and mind are willing and open, but something has to occupy my thoughts until there is something new to think about.
But this time it is slightly different. I'm not ev…

Adventures in Self-Publishing

I finished and published "This Just In" a few weeks ago. Shortly after that I bought and downloaded my own book, so I could see it on my Nook. Funny thing happened.
It wasn't right.
The first paragraph of the first chapter was wrong.
So I went to Amazon and checked, and to Smashwords, and every other way possible. Somehow I had managed to publish the draft version of my book! And not the final copy!!
Don't ask me how it happened. It's a long story. A lot of it has to do with always trying to do writing and publishing stuff in my "free" time, which tends to happen after midnight. You know what else happens after midnight? Mistakes. Not to mention, it was a result of originally publishing unedited serial editions, group sourcing the edits, compiling them into one, and somehow accidentally not paying attention to the thing I swear I pay great attention to, and probably just giving files stupid names. Really, it was probably all because of the file names, …