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The Return of the Happy Dance

Upon hearing good news I shared with them, two different friends sent me happy dances.

And this one-
(While there is nothing wrong with Jaden Smith and his dad rapping, the good stuff starts right about 1:30 into the video. And trust me, you want to watch to the end!)

I love that 2 different friends sent me these!

As for the happy news?
You'll just have to wait and see.

At the beach...

I'm off at the beach right now. Maybe I'll get around to blogging soon. Maybe not. We expected to have wet, chilly, windy weather this week. That's what I packed for! But, darn it, would you believe we have nothing but sunny skies, and perfect temperatures. It's a rough life, but I'm doing my best.
In the meantime, if you really are just dying to hear more about my life, you can read an interview between author Rachel Terry and me on her blog!

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What do you do in the summertime when... you have just been ripped off?

In the past few weeks I have been ripped off not once, but twice, by clients. I was hired to do a specific job for a specific amount of money. I performed both jobs not just well, but very well. Both clients expressed satisfaction and appreciation for the well done work.
And yet neither has paid me.
I am in the process of taking the proper steps to recover what I am owed. In the meantime, I'm left with the emotions that come with such dishonesty. It frustrates me to no end that people do this sort of thing. Why would you hire someone if you have no intention of paying them, unless you really do have dishonest and quite frankly immoral or evil intentions? And how can you live with yourself?
To say the least, the dishonesty of these other parties has had a very negative effect on my life. I am a freelancer. I depend upon the work I do to make the money I need to support myself. When someone intentionally hires me, accepts my work, and then doesn't pay me, it isn't just some…

Time to get the gardening gloves out!

My one big goal for this summer is to plant and grow a vegetable garden. This is far more challenging than it actually sounds.
For starters, in spite of the fact that I live on a mountain, in a fairly rural area, I have no place to plant my garden. Our yard is on the seriously steep mountainside. It goes straight down. It doesn't matter that there is an acre of nature back there. It's too steep, and too covered in trees.
Exhibit A: Our yard last autumn.

There is a little bit of room in the front/side yard to plant a garden, but there are deer and raccoons to be dealt with. And there are already a bunch of flowers planted there.
Exhibit B:
And let's face it, vegetables in the front yard is a little awkward.
And so I am forced to attempt container gardening up on the deck. But let me explain something here, this is also not as easy as it sounds. Our deck does not have stairs to the ground on the outside. It is only accessible from inside the house, and to Spiderman, and app…

I'd give my left leg to not write this post

I'm sitting on the couch with my laptop burning my left leg. Why the left leg? I don't know. But that is the side of the laptop that gets hot and eventually starts to burn my leg. Thankfully this doesn't happen too often, only after I've been working on my computer for at least 12 hours.
Yes, I have been working on this thing for 12 straight hours. (No wonder I'm so hungry.)

I've resumed job hunting after a month long break. (Why a month break? Because it took less than a month for me to remember why I wanted to get a "real" job again, and then another week to talk myself into putting myself through this misery again.) Every time I have a job interview they inevitably ask, "So why do you want to leave self-employment and go back to work?"

And every time I hear that question I want to tell the truth, "Because I'm sick and tired of working 12 hour days that result in barely more than minimum wage. And it wouldn't be "going b…

Call the Midwife!

The last 2 weeks have been crazy busy. We're talking no more than 1-2 hours of sleep, no time to reply to emails, no time to clean the kitchen busy. There is a new sister missionary that moved in here a week ago and I realized last night that since she's been here, the same pile of dishes have been next to the sink. I've let everything fall apart during this week(s) of insanity. Top all of that off with a heavy dose of insomnia! There have been more than a few nights where I just gave up trying to sleep and got up and started working again.
Not surprisingly, no sleep, high stress, and crazy high pollen counts have come back to bite me in the butt. I'm down for the count with another massive head cold/cough/sinus infection/whatever you want to call it.  I've spent the last 2 days in bed spending some quality time with cough medicine and Netflix. I used up my one hour of energy today (a strategic combination of Dr Pepper, cough medicine, and waking up from a nap) to…