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The Search for the Unicorn


It's cloud illusions I recall

Today was just one of those days.
The kind that comes after 3.5 years of unemployment, and the accruing disappointments and setbacks that often pass with nothing more than a shrug, just hit you and knock you out for a while.
All it was was another rejection letter. Yet another company turning me down without really giving me a chance. It was a job I was perfectly qualified for, and really, really fit my personal hopes and needs. I had really hoped something would materialize with this job. But all I got was the standard rejection letter instead.
It was the tipping point.
I've spent the day sad and depressed. There were a lot of tears shed.
It wasn't just about the job that didn't happen. It was everything. Just the accumulation of disappointments over the past few years.
And the lack of control I have over the situation.
This article in the Wall Street Journal describes my situation perfectly, "Some Unemployed Keep Losing Ground."  (I believe the article is behi…

And we're back!

I'm back after a few fun-filled and exhausting days at youth conference!
Or something like that.
Attending youth conference as an adult is definitely nowhere near as exhilarating as it was as a youth. Now it is just a lot of walking, and counting heads, followed by more walking, and head counting. I am now a pro at identifying and counting the heads of my girls from behind, even when 325 kids are all wearing the same shirt.
It's a good thing that my kids are all so dang good. The biggest problem I had to deal with was that a few of them were late getting back to the dorm one night. But can you really get mad at them when they don't have watches or cell phones (with clocks) to tell them what time it is? And I knew exactly where they were and who they were with the whole time? No, you can't get mad (for long) when that happens. You just smile on the inside while doing your best to look gruff on the outside, that you have the good kids and don't have to worry that th…

You can help end child and sex trafficking in Cambodia today!

I took this picture in the actual neighborhood where RiverKids families live. Can you imagine walking through this filthy water to go to your home every day? Or if your children lived in the shacks above that filthy water? These pictures weren't taken on some extraordinarily bad day. These were just every day scenes I passed.   It was heartbreaking to see how these kind, loving, innocent people lived. It wasn't their fault that they were born into a life of poverty with little hope of escaping. But I knew that the work I did in Cambodia would help several children escape poverty, and the horrible repercussions of child and sex trafficking, by giving them clean food and an education.  The wonderful organization I volunteered with, RiverKids, is making a REAL difference in Cambodia. They save children from a life of forced prostitution (sex trafficking) every day with the amazing programs they offer.  And today that wonderful organization, RIVERKIDS,  receives matching donatio…

The Mystery of Nannie Ferguson

I think I have caught the family history bug. Unfortunately, with that bug, does not come a knowledge of how to deep family history research.
I have been researching the history of my family and their relationship to the Mormon Church, and have found interesting stories I have never heard before. Many family stories come with an oral history, and change from generation to generation. A few decades ago a family member recorded many of our family stories and published them as a collegiate research paper. I've used her book as my primary form of research.
I noticed throughout her book (written in the 1980's) that when there was a discrepency among the oral histories that she recorded each of them. During my review of her work I realized I could probably clarify some of the discrepancies with some of the more recent technological developments. Sure enough, within a minute of Googling, I was able to figure out the real names of a few people. One of those names was Ammon Mercer, th…

Devices, tablets, and computers

After a week of vacation with lousy internet access, I came home with a long list of projects to tackle. My employment situation has recently changed, and now more than ever, I am a freelance writer. My laptop and an internet connection are essential to my livelihood. Without them I cannot work and cannot earn money.
On Sunday night my laptop made a flying leap off of the couch. I wasn't even on the couch to witness it. I did hear the thud as it landed though and feared for the worst. My laptop has not turned back on since. It is currently in the laptop hospital, where I hope and pray my documents and photos can be recovered.
With little other choice, I went out and bought a new computer. I had heard good things about the Microsoft Surface, and was intrigued by it. Half computer, half laptop? It sounded like it might fit my needs. $500 later, I took one home with me.
I was wrong. I hated it. It is actually a fabulous device, but incredibly impractical for someone like me who needs…

Survey of LDS Singles Regarding Marriage

I'm collecting some data for an article (and maybe a future book) I'm working on regarding Mormon singles and marriage. The focus of the article will be on how marrieds perceive the challenges facing singles regarding getting married, versus how singles view those challenges.

I would like to get a survey of lots of LDS singles, as well as marrieds! Can you take 2 seconds to answer these 8 questions? All information is completely anonymous!

I will be closing this survey in 1-2 days! Please take it if you haven't already!

And please feel free to share it in Facebook groups, or with friends, or ward list-serves. The more respondents and answers the better!!

I'll be closing the survey in a day or two.


Back to Life, Back to Reality

I am home from vacation.
I don't want to be, but apparently you can't stay gone forever, no matter how hard you try.
This was my first non-working vacation in... so many year I can't remember the number. Sad, but true. I've always worked on vacation. This was my first time to ever attempt to not work. I have to admit, it's a pretty nice gig this whole vacationing thing. I'm going to have to try it again sometime. It only took me about 5 days to really get the hang of not working or being on an agenda. I liked it!
It was a wonderful week away. I made several great new friends that I really hope to be able to see again soon. The hardest part really was coming home and knowing that it may be another 6 months or a year before I get to socialize and make friends again. And that really depresses me!
I re-calibrated my priorities and ideals while I was gone as well. I had a few small wake-up calls that really helped put a few things into focus. It was a very good and…