Monday, June 24, 2013

And we're back!

I'm back after a few fun-filled and exhausting days at youth conference!
Or something like that.
Attending youth conference as an adult is definitely nowhere near as exhilarating as it was as a youth. Now it is just a lot of walking, and counting heads, followed by more walking, and head counting. I am now a pro at identifying and counting the heads of my girls from behind, even when 325 kids are all wearing the same shirt.
It's a good thing that my kids are all so dang good. The biggest problem I had to deal with was that a few of them were late getting back to the dorm one night. But can you really get mad at them when they don't have watches or cell phones (with clocks) to tell them what time it is? And I knew exactly where they were and who they were with the whole time? No, you can't get mad (for long) when that happens. You just smile on the inside while doing your best to look gruff on the outside, that you have the good kids and don't have to worry that they were off doing who knows what in those few minutes they were late.
Unfortunately, not all of the adult leaders had it as easy as I did. I was aware of much bigger, much more difficult problems other adults were trying to manage. It made me much more grateful for my good kids than ever before.
There's just 3 more weeks till I take off with the girls again and we head to girls camp for a week. (Youth Conference often feels like the cleaner, co-ed, "with beds", dress rehearsal for girls camp. It gives you a good heads up which kid(s) won't listen and will drive you crazy at camp.) But before that happens I have a house to clean, jobs to apply to, a book to keep writing, my mother comes, a job interview, and lots more!
But first... sleep!

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