Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Search for the Unicorn

Lately I’ve felt like my life is one big on-going unicorn hunt.
A relentless search for mythical creatures, hoping they exist. 
My never-ending job hunt feels like a unicorn hunt, and so does my social life.
On the job front, there is evidence all around me that the perfect job is out there. The job that I was made for, and wants me. In my mind that job is a social media marketing position with a large, dynamic, non-profit organization rooted in humanitarian causes, and comes with a salary that would allow me to eat more than ramen, and buy new shoes once a year. 
In my personal and dating life, it isn’t too different. I’m searching for a man about my own age, preferably 35-41. Someone in a very similar place in life- educated, professional, motivated, hard worker. Someone smart and involved in the community, with a well-rounded view of the world. He must be as devoted to Mormonism as I am, family oriented, kind, compassionate, and loving. And someone with an outgoing and adventurous side. And must get and share my pop culture geeky side. And if it isn’t asking too much, I’d like to like his outward appearance too.
Twice recently it felt like I had a unicorn in my hands- a perfect job, a perfect man. But both seemed to have slipped away like the mythical creatures they are. The heartbreak that follows seeing the unicorn and losing it hurts more than never knowing if they existed at all.
And so my search for the unicorn continues. Will I ever find one again? I don’t know. But I hope I do.

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