Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You can help end child and sex trafficking in Cambodia today!

I took this picture in the actual neighborhood where RiverKids families live. Can you imagine walking through this filthy water to go to your home every day? Or if your children lived in the shacks above that filthy water? These pictures weren't taken on some extraordinarily bad day. These were just every day scenes I passed.  
It was heartbreaking to see how these kind, loving, innocent people lived. It wasn't their fault that they were born into a life of poverty with little hope of escaping. But I knew that the work I did in Cambodia would help several children escape poverty, and the horrible repercussions of child and sex trafficking, by giving them clean food and an education. 
The wonderful organization I volunteered with, RiverKids, is making a REAL difference in Cambodia. They save children from a life of forced prostitution (sex trafficking) every day with the amazing programs they offer. 
And today that wonderful organization, RIVERKIDS,  receives matching donations from Global Giving. Your donation, no matter how large or small, will be matched up to 50% by Global Giving, and the entire donation (nothing lost to administrative or overhead fees in the process)- ALL 100% of it, goes directly to RiverKids!


You will probably spend more than $10 on lunch today. Consider saving money on lunch and donating the difference to RiverKids!! As unemployed and underemployed as I am I still manage to make a donation each year because I know just how much good comes from just my $10!

The mothers wash the food, clothes, and even the children in this filthy water. There is no running water in the homes. "Toilets" are just a hole in the floor that they squat over- the refuse dropping right down into the same water they walk through, and clean with.

Your tax-deductible donation goes 100% to RiverKids, and provides meals, education, and shelter for victims of human trafficking. I've been there and have seen the good RiverKids does first-hand, and can promise you that a donation as small as just $10 (OR MORE!) will give those families clean rice, and a chance at an education.
This little boy walked past my house every day. I saved my empty water bottles to give to him. He earns money for his family by collecting trash (recyclables) off the street. He is exactly the kind of child who benefits from RiverKids programs. With your donation, RiverKids would be able to provide his family with the income he will lose when he is enrolled in school (about $21 a month- he is lucky to earn even $2 a day). He will be provided a school uniform, meals at school, and an education. Not to mention, he will be at far lesser risk of contracting a disease like Hepatitis, or getting kidnapped, or injured.
A $21 dollar donation from you could really change his life!

Click here to donate:
After a street child or "river kid" collects the trash off the streets, he or she will bring it here to get weighed. They are paid by the pound- usually just pennies. This weigh station is located right in the middle of the slum shack neighborhood the families live in. Can you imagine if this was just a few steps away from your door?

Some of the women enrolled in a RiverKids program that teaches them useful skills like sewing that they can use to start their own businesses, or get a job in a factory. Without these skills these women have no choice but to turn to a life of prostitution. Many, if not all, of these women were forced into prostitution already (this is the definition of sex trafficking).

You can read more about RiverKids and what I learned and saw in Cambodia here- (articles written by me)
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And my blog posts during my time in Cambodia.

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