Saturday, July 13, 2013

And now we REALLY do the (Tao) Dance of Joy!!

It has been a crazy, crazy week.

It all started with a JOB OFFER!!

I got a job!

I'm moving!

Obviously this calls for the dance of joy!!

Oh my. So that was the Tao Dance of Joy.
This dance makes me MUCH happier- my Baby Ducks doing the Harlem Shake!

As you may imagine, leaving my "Baby Ducks" is the hardest part for me! I'm thrilled and excited to take a new job, move back to DC, and get on with my life. But my heart breaks every time I think of leaving these sweet girls.

Speaking of which...
Adding to the crazies of this week (which included packing, finding a new place to live, etc.,) I am also packing for Girls Camp! Off into the woods I go for the third time with these crazy, fun girls!

Speaking of which... here's a little flashback to last year at camp!

Obviously, my Baby Ducks are the best YW ever. I can only hope I have corrupted taught them all the important things before I leave. During a spontaneous Slurpee run this week I attempted to "teach" them the ways of the Chinese fire drill. And would you believe they had the gall to say, "Maybe that was just something you did in the 90s when you were a kid?" Dagger to the heart, my friends. Dagger to the heart!

Who let these girls get so tall and grown up? Because it sure wasn't me!
But you probably want to hear more about the job. I'm not going to post specifics or details about it for a while. I'd rather start the job and get settled first. Here's all I shall share- I'll be the marketing manager for a publication that is the competition to a publication I used to write for. It is in the DC area. It's so much back in my old stomping grounds that the office park actually shares an entrance road with the first pre-school I ever attended! (Affectionately known to me and my parents as my "pretty school.") Yep, I am really and truly moving right back to my hometown, and I couldn't be happier about it! I start work less than 48 hours after I get home from Girls Camp.

I will be in some creative temporary housing situations for the next 2 months until I am able to move into the place I really want to live in. (It's a great, slightly bigger than usual 1 and den apartment, with a dog run!!, w/d in the apartment, AND I can walk to work- that is something that just NEVER happens in the DC area! It is a few dollars out of my real price range, but for the luxury of walking to work, and having a dog run on the premises, I don't care what other expenses I have to cut out! I'll take it!)

Things are looking good! Now I just have to finish packing to move, and pack for camp, and pack for 6 weeks of living out of a suitcase! And about a berzillion other things. (Which include my parents visiting from out of the country, a family reunion, my grandmother's 90th birthday party, publishing "This Just In!" in paperback, and the logistics of an actual MOVE, to name a few...)

You'll understand if the blog has to take a bit of a backseat, won't you?

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