Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Given enough Dr Pepper I could rule the world

A few days ago I decided I needed to revamp my social media consulting portfolio. Many of my past clients were so long ago that the work I did for them is no longer showing online. Time passes, things change, no big deal. And I felt like I was up to a good challenge, and wanted to flex a few marketing muscles. So I offered friends and family some free marketing services.
30 people responded!
That is a lot of work!
But I am up for it! I'm excited for it. I have a wide variety of clients, and it will give me the chance to really experiment, and test different ideas out. I've been working on another e-book about marketing, and I really want to test some of my theories, and a few of these free clients are perfect guinea pigs.
However, I really should have checked with the calender before I took on such a big task! My parents are visiting from the "Magic Kingdom" (our name for the foreign country they live in) for the month, there's a big holiday this week, plus I'm about to go off to girls camp for a week too!
Not exactly a lot of time in there to do consulting work for 30 people on top of my regular daily work that already keeps me plenty busy!
Meh. Who needs sleep anyway? Not me! I just need more Dr Pepper!
But today I am mostly just happy because I've decided to go up to DC for the holiday and hang out with friends. I was just in the DC area on Monday, so this will mean a lot of driving for me that I'm not actually up to. But I am desperate and miserable for some social interaction with other singles! It has been rough and lonely in Roanoke lately. (If you couldn't tell from my depressing previous posts.) The drive and gas money will be worth it!
So I am going to bed (way too late tonight) a very happy camper. Lots of work, lots to do, and some of it is even fun stuff for me. I can live with that!

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