Sunday, July 07, 2013

I love my dog

You know I love dogs. Not all dogs, mostly my own dog. But I do try to love other dogs. But no other dog will ever compare with the cuteness of my own pup, Kaya.
True, Kaya is really not a pup anymore. She's getting a little gray around her snout, and showing a few signs of old age. But she still has a strong puppiness about her, and is the most loving, loyal dog you will ever meet.
Yesterday, I took her to the farmer's market, like I do most Saturdays. She gets to socialize, sniff dog bums, and meet lots of toddlers. She loves toddlers- and the food they tend to carry with them, both intentionally and unintentionally. Yesterday a fairly young dad was holding a baby girl who looked to be about 9-12 months old (lots of chub). She was doing her best to divebomb out of daddy's arms and go to Kaya. She was reaching and wiggling her fingers at the dog. It was all very cute. The dad asked, and I gave permission, for the baby to meet the dog. The baby girl was so excited she was kicking and squealing- the sort of thing that would scare most dogs. But Kaya was totally good with it. She let the baby grab her fur and give her lots of excited baby loves. And then Kaya proceeded to lick the baby clean. The baby loved it. Kaya licked every last inch of that baby, and the dad didn't pull her away. I wasn't worried in the least, because I know my perfect little pup would never in a million years hurt a baby.
When I saw this video today, I just fell in love. It's totally something Kaya would do. Show her love, and she'll show it right back to you in her own special way. (Even though that way is often just allowing you to throw her favorite toy or give her a belly rub. And you can never give her enough belly rubs. In fact, as I type this, she is sitting on the floor below me, paws in the air, on her back, watching me and waiting for a belly rub. I have no idea what she thinks she has done to deserve one.)

One more thing to love about the KayaDog- when I watch the video, with the dog whimpering in the background, she gets up and gets nervous. She starts looking around trying to figure out where the hurt dog is. I love the unconditional love of puppies!

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