Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Beginnings Again

My head is swirling with dozens of emotions, and I’m trying to stay above the exhaustion cloud.
It has been a crazy, busy, stressful, exciting, sad, and hopeful few weeks.
Three weeks ago I had my first interview with a company. Four days later I had my second interview with them. 3 days later I had a job offer. 5 days after that I went to girls camp for a week. And 2 days later I lived in a new town and started my new job.
I survived the first week of work. I really think I will really enjoy my new job. So far I feel like I am catching on and learning a lot. And I think I will really like the actual work I have to do. I’m still working to get a firm grasp on what it is my job entails. The new workplace is a bit fun and quirky. Or as my direct supervisor described it, “A frat house mentality.” I can’t complain!
Today, Sunday, I had my first chance to stop, think, plan, and figure out my life from here. It only hit me today that I’m finally back in DC, and I have things I want to do, but I need a plan, goals, schedules, and expectations. And I have to live through being the new girl in a new town again. I do have a few friends here, but it isn’t like there is/was someone waiting with open arms for my return. I do have the comfort or convenience of knowing people here already, but in most every respect, I am starting anew. New friends, new home, new job, even new furniture. 
Here's to new beginnings!

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