Sunday, August 25, 2013

Inside the Shopping Side of My Brain

Let's take a little walk through the mind of a woman and how she approaches picking out an outfit for work.
My new job is awesome in many ways. One way you might think I love my job is because we have a very flexible and easy dress code.
But no.
Somehow it's the flexible dress code that causes me the most stress.
Dumb, I know.
But yes, it is the pretty much, almost anything goes dress code that stresses me.
You can't be too formal and professional (men don't wear ties or suit jackets), and you can't be too casual (although some of the less professional departments do wear shorts and t-shirts). Jeans are acceptable, but jeans and a t-shirt is a little too casual for my department. (A t-shirt and a nice skirt is okay.)
Of course, when I packed and moved I purged a ton of clothes. And I'm really wishing I hadn't done that. I really could have used some of those shirts now. 
So even though I have no money to buy clothes, I spend a ton of time online shopping for the perfect classy, nice, but not too professional outfit.
I'm in love with this dress-

Who doesn't need another little black dress, right? And hello, it's $300 off right now!
But honestly, it's probably too nice for work.
Which means I'd need some other place to buy it. In theory, I could wear it to church, and I would. If there is anything you can say about my new singles ward, it is that it is a weekly fashion competition. (not that there is anything wrong with that) I'd love to pretend I'd wear it on a date, but when is the last time a date actually called for a dress that nice? (How awesome would it be if dates actually involved hot dresses and sexy shoes?!?)
Speaking of hot little black dresses that could go on a date, to church, and to work, I'm also loving this one-

 But really, I should just be looking for shirts.
And after an hour of pouring over Amazon, this is the only shirt I could find that I liked (for work). (It comes in several colors. I liked all but the white.)

Depending on size and color it's anywhere from $17-34 in price. I might actually have to buy this one. 
When did shopping become so complicated??
I miss my teen years where I liked everything and everything looked almost good on me.


  1. How did I miss this post? I think I need that shirt.

    1. It wasn't until I saw your reply that I realize the links to the dresses and shirt were not visible.
      I changed the color so you can see the links. So they are visible now!


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