Mr. Darcy is not born, ladies, he is made.

Folks, if you have not yet discovered the incredible wonderfulness that is Verily magazine, I highly encourage you go go discover them now. Good, clean, interesting articles for real women on a variety of subjects from fashion to careers to relationships. And written with a more Christian and conservative point of view than any other publication I have ever found.

Be sure to check out today's article, "Gentlemen Speak: A Gentleman in Progress. Are men completely out of touch with how to treat a lady? Well, one of them has given us an answer!".

My favorite quote, "No boy is born opening doors or laying his jacket across puddles for his sisters and girlfriends. A boy doesn’t naturally keep his word or forbear a slight when an excuse or a score settled is within easy reach. All those things we might call virtues, and good manners must be learned. But to be learned they must be taught, and that requires first of all that they are esteemed. So you’ll immediately see our predicament: Mr. Darcy is not born, ladies, he is made."