Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Quest for the Perfect Plain White T-Shirt

I am on a quest.
I did not know when I began this simple search that it would turn into a quest.
All I want is a plain white, opaque, v-neck, short sleeved, t-shirt (that is not so long that it covers my hips and butt).
Why on earth is this impossible to find?
I have searched multiple stores. I can find variations on it, but I cannot find the exact, perfect, t-shirt that I want.
I have found white, v-neck, tees, but they are almost never opaque enough. And far too many have those obnoxious mini-pockets on the breast. (Why?!? What purpose does the mini-pocket serve??)
Tonight I took my search to Amazon.
I found this shirt, which appears to be exactly what I want, but opaqueness can only be determined in person-
The problem?
It's $44! Who spends $44 on a plain, white, t-shirt?!
Not me!

And I found this one for $7.99, a far more reasonable price! But the words "tissue tee" tend to equal totally see through.
This is getting ridiculous. How hard can it be to find the most basic, simplest, easiest piece of clothing of all time?!
Which reminds me, did I tell you I bought my first dress off of I'm in love with the site! Custom-fit dresses! I got the "little red dress," and had it custom tailored with short sleeves and knee length. And then paid the extra $7.50 to have it custom fit to my measurements.
And let me tell you something amazing about a custom fit dress. It changes everything. I'm a curvy girl, and I am very short-waisted. My hips and my ribs have less than an inch between them (seriously!). Finding any item of clothing that actually hits at my natural waist is impossible. Not once, not ever have I found any item off the rack that fits at my natural waist. Which is why no one actually knows I have a fairly small waist. Even I didn't realize how small my waist is- until I got this dress. One of the custom measurements you can add in is the distance from waist to hips and hips to thighs. As a result, this dress makes me look 30 lbs lighter instantly.
One of the things I learned using their measurement system is that my shoulders are a size 8, my bust is size 16, my waist is a 10, and my hips are a 12. No wonder nothing ever fits me right! Which is why I will now and forever only buy dresses from I can have custom fit to me.
I haven't decided which one will be my next dress, but I'm leaning towards the "tipped trim" dress and/or the "retro frock" in blue, with a scoop neck, short sleeves, and made knee length. Don't you just love how you can change the details to suit your tastes? Love it!
Hmm maybe I should go see if eshakti will make me the perfect white t-shirt?


  1. Have you tried DownEast Basics? Lots of people I know swear by their t-shirts.

    1. DownEast shirts are great for some people. I do own 2 shirts, but I just can't wear them as standalone shirts. They are great for long waisted or tall people. For short waisted and curvy folks like me, they are incredibly unflattering. The thing that makes their shirts special is that they are extra long. If anything, I'm looking for extra short.

  2. Your plain white t-shirt can do more than just keep you warm beneath a sweatshirt or look classic with a faded pair of jeans. Dress it up in a variety of ways so you'll be stylish and completely comfortable at the same time.


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