Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Is there anything better than a book so good that you stay up all night to read it? A story so compelling that you would rather just keep reading than do anything else?
I'm always on the hunt for the next book that will do that to me. If a book doesn't make me want to stay up and keep reading I may never finish it.
A few weeks ago I read a friend's review of the book "Downtown Owl" by Chuck Klosterman. I read it while I was at the beach over Labor Day. It took less than 10 pages before I knew I was going to love the book and keep reading and reading and reading. And since the only thing better than reading a great book for hours on end, is getting to read that great book on the beach, or in a porch swing in the shade really close to the beach, I had a pretty awesome weekend.
I liked "Downtown Owl" so much that I downloaded another book by Klosterman this past week. Tonight I picked up, "The Visible Man" and read it for about 5 minutes. And immediately had to put it down. Why?
Because I need to get some sleep. And I could tell already that I was going to be up all night if I didn't just put it down and step away!
(What I wouldn't give to have Klosterman's insight and writing style!)
So what book or kind of book does that to you? What book was so good that you lost sleep to keep reading it? I need more books and recommendations!

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