Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shopping (again)

As mentioned [a few dozen times] before, returning to the full-time office lifestyle has meant updating and modifying my wardrobe. And since I have developed an aversion to the mall, and I like getting a deal, I've been shopping online- a lot.
Tonight while looking around I came across this pair of shoes-
Now here's the thing.
ModCloth has a few dresses over $100 from time to time. But for the most part everything is reasonably priced between $50-70.
So you can only imagine my surprise when the price on this pair of "Cottontail Twinkle Heels" is $438!!!
Glitter covered, bunny ear, heels.
So I did my research, hoping maybe this was a mistake.
But no, it's true. The glitter covered bunny shoes (properly known as the "Hare Multi Glitter Heels" on the designer's site) really are that ridiculously expensive.
If glitter covered bunny shoes are right, I really just want to be wrong.

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  1. This hurts my brain. I mean...sparkly bunny shoes alone? Painful. This? at THAT price?!?! are none.


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