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I'm fairly used to the fact that I look a little young for my age. I don't mean this in any sort of bragging way. If anything, I wouldn't mind looking a little bit more mature just so I could get a little more professional respect. When people think you are half your age, you get treated that way (and paid that way).
But truth be told, I'm starting my mid-life crisis. And I'm attending my 20th high school reunion this weekend.
It's so cliche to say it, but it's hard to believe it has been 20 years since I graduated from high school. How is that even possible?
I mentioned to someone today that I would be going to the reunion this weekend, and he responded that I still look like I am in high school.
That's just what you think!
I may look 18 now (really, I don't think I do. I think I can pass for mid-20's, but 18? not so much.), but I promise you, I did not look like this at 18.
Shall we go to the photographic evidence? And mock my awesome loo…

Seasons Change

From the frequency I've been posting on this blog lately you might think I forgot I have a blog.
That's kind of true. I really do tend to forget about blogging.
It's possible the rumors are true- blogging is dead.
I can't even really think of anything to share or say. My life is pretty dull lately. I have come to accept something new about this iteration of my life. My social life won't really be daily or even weekly activities. If anything, most of my social interactions will probably be on long weekends, or for special events. I really didn't see that coming, so it's an unusual development to acknowledge and accept. But it's a little liberating to see it and accept it. It takes the pressure off feeling like my weekends need to be more social, or that I need to be "putting myself out there" more.
This past weekend I had a great time with a small group of friends down in southern Virginia. We had a nice little weekend country/mountain escape …

This is why you need a husband (apparently)

Asian Maid Admits Use Of Black Magic
An Asian housekeeper who was jailed after stealing SR40,000 [roughly $10,000] from her employer’s house reportedly called her sponsor and told him she used black magic on his wife as a way to get back to him for putting her in prison. The husband has been having difficulty dealing with his Arab wife, whose behavior he said has changed utterly after the maid was incarcerated. The maid even told the husband that he should give up on his wife because she will never be cured. However, the husband said he would do whatever it takes to help his wife recover.

Need proof this story is real? Here's the link -

Dating and Doctor Who

This past weekend was a large mid-singles conference (ages 31-45 yrs old) hosted by my local church congregation. There were 340ish singles in attendance. Approximately 80 were male. 4:1 odds.
I was not a true attendant at the conference. I volunteered at a few of the activities, and participated in a few portions. I preferred to be an observer rather than a participator this time around. Consider me Doctor Who in the middle of a regeneration. It's not a good time to touch the Doctor or upset the delicate process.

Not unlike the Doctor, I need some alone time, space to think, and new companions. Hence the limited participation.
And not unlike the Doctor, sometimes I like to just sit and watch people, rather than be one with the people.

A few days before the conference a male friend told me he was attending because conferences "always give him hope" that there are good women out there and maybe he'll meet Mrs. Right someday. I laughed and said I always feel the exact…

Coming to Grips with Dating

I found a fun new blog post about dating today. I'm not saying I completely endorse everything she said. But I did agree with a lot of it. And thought #5 was funny stuff.
Check out her non-dating posts too. She's got some clever stuff.= "Coming to Grips"

Reason #567 Why I Love Amazon Prime

You can thank me later.
I just discovered that Amazon Prime is doing a free trial for all of October. Free shipping, free shows, special deals. All the good stuff. FOR FREE TO YOU. 

Tomorrow I am canceling my cable (I've been planning this for a while), going to Amazon, and buying myself this-

And then I will be watching TV pretty much only via Netflix, Amazon Instant/Amazon Prime, and Hulu (all on my TV, via the blu-ray player). And by doing so, I will be saving about $90/mo.
And I could really use an extra $90/month.

Free Book on Amazon by BFF Juli Today!

Psyched by Juli Caldwell is free today on Amazon!

Yes, it is true! My very BFF, Jules, has a book up for free on Amazon* today. AND YOU SHOULD GO GET IT! It's fun, creepy, and did I mention fun? You'll love it. It's a "young adult, paranormal thrill" that adults and teens will love. So go get it. RIGHT NOW! CLICK HERE FOR FREE FUN SCARY BOOK

*What? You don't have a Kindle? No worries, neither do I. But I have lots of Kindle e-books because you can always just read them on your regular old computer, phone, or tablet, with the free, and not space consuming, Kindle app. EASY STUFF!

Great reviews for Psyched!

"This is one of those books you just can't put down. What I love about Psyched in addition to a great, spooky story is strong characters and narrative voice. Aisi is the most awesome chick, strong-willed, sassy, and deals with some crazy stuff happening with a spunkiness that I loved... Psyched is well-written, riveting, surprising and genre-busting. T…

Where is my solace?

Several months ago I applied and interviewed for a job that led to some unusual experiences. Forgive me for keeping a few of the details aloof, but I feel it is best to do so.

I had applied on a whim. There was a chance I was qualified, and a chance that I was not. When they called me in for the interview I was surprised and excited. They told me they had conducted a nationwide search, mostly by word of mouth and networking. They also posted the job on their website, where just one day before the opening closed, I saw it and applied. I was one of very few people who applied blind like that. And I was the only local candidate brought in to interview.
The interview went really, really well. I was shocked how well it went. When I left I told a few of the close friends/family that knew about the interview that basically if I didn't get it, I knew the person who got it must really be better qualified than I was, because interviews just don't get better than that. And I could live …