Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Coming to Grips with Dating

I found a fun new blog post about dating today. I'm not saying I completely endorse everything she said. But I did agree with a lot of it. And thought #5 was funny stuff.
Check out her non-dating posts too. She's got some clever stuff.= "Coming to Grips"

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  1. Thanks for the post recommendation.Oh my gosh she's a good writer! I went and read some of her other stuff. Love this line in Coming to Grips with Motherhood, "I quit my job because I’d waited my whole life to be a mother, and I wasn’t gunna miss one second. But then, home, alone, incapacitated by lack of sleep, lack of schedule, lack of any reason to wear pants, with a similarly incapacitated baby who also had no reason to wear pants – a baby I had made with my own body – I thought, is this motherhood?"


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