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Lemme tell you a little story, friends. The story of a day that truly caught me completely by surprise.

It started out this morning with a doctor's appointment. In a nutshell, I've been dealing with a small medical problem that I knew could potentially be a very big, bad medical problem. So off to the doctor I went. The end result is that we won't know 100% for sure for a few more days, but it is likely a very small problem, and is probably the result of a crappy doctor's misdiagnosis, and possible neglect a few years ago.

I can't begin to tell you what a bad mood this put me in. The misdiagnosis (that the doctor had multiple chances to catch and correct at the time) caused me a lot of grief then, and it's extra irritating that it is coming back to give me problems again now. Word to the wise: if you ever get a gut feeling that your doctor is wrong, go get a second opinion. Don't be polite and give second chances to your doctor. Go get more opinions. Becau…

eShakti for All!

Have I talked enough about eShakti to convince you all to buy their awesome dresses yet?
Because I freaking love eShakti! And I think you all need to try them and figure out why.

Here is what the Little Navy Sheath Dress looks like on their site -

And here is what it looks like on me-  Not only did the color change (and I added a belt), but you might also notice it suddenly has sleeves, and is a little bit longer.

This is the magic of eShakti. YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING (for just $7.50)!!!
You can add sleeves, change the neckline and/or the length of the dress, plus add or remove pockets, to make the dress suit you.

But that's not all folks!

You can also have the dress custom FIT to you!
Instead of picking size 2, 10, or 18, etc., you have the option of putting in your exact measurements, and having the dress custom fit precisely to you.

I have always had a difficult time finding dresses that fit me. I am short, but with long legs, and a very curvy torso. Finding dresses and sk…

They should try this in every singles ward everywhere

Let's be friends (in other places)

I haven't invited all you lovelies to join me on other sites in a while. But can't we be friends in more places than one?
Come join me. I'll give you a cookie.
and last but not least-

And if you don't know about my other blogs, go meet them too!

And just for being my friend, I give you a picture of Colin Firth. You're welcome.

Women over 40 are "more likely to be killed by a terrorist" than find a husband.

(start the video at 38 seconds in)

Have you ever wondered about this statistic? 
Women over 40 are "more likely to be killed by a terrorist" than find a husband. The now-infamous statistic from a 1986 Newsweek article (and Sleepless in Seattle) was about the poor marriage prospects of educated women older than 30. 

The truth is, it's sort of true, but mostly not. 

"The Marriage Crunch" was based on a study by Harvard and Yale researchers that projected college-educated women had a 20 percent chance of getting married if they were still single at 30, a 5 percent chance at age 35, and just a 2.6 percent chance at age 40. The article seemed to reinforce the most old-fashioned ideas of women's place in society, and both infuriated and struck fear into the hearts of women across the country.

Rather than go into all of the details regarding the misrepresentation of the facts in that original article, (enough credible news sources have already done that), I'll just…

Eye Opening Experience

You'll either understand this, or you won't. Because either you literally see it this way, or you won't.

My whole life I have seen "starbursts" after dark. The picture above is an okay depiction of what this is like.
Apparently not everyone sees halos or starbursts when they look at lights. This is just bizarre to me. You mean some people don't see a big fuzzy glow of light with beams? That's just crazy talk. Then what can they possibly see?
A few weeks ago I got new glasses. I have to wear them full-time again for several months. I've yet again built up a sensitivity to my contacts (or more likely the cleaning solution for contacts). And yet again, my prescription has changed. (I would LOVE for my prescription to stay consistent for a few years! Just once I'd like it to be the same! This would be convenient not just so I could qualify for Lasik, but so I wouldn't have to always be buying new glasses and contacts!)
I let the optician's st…

Story of my life (right now)!


Kids Say the Darndest Things

I had the fun of hanging out with two of my favorite little cousin people for a few hours today. The following conversation ensued.

Little Person Aged 4: Erin, why is your hair yellow and black?
Me: Um... what do you mean?
Her: It's yellow on the bottom and black on the top. How come?
Me (realizing I didn't wash my hair, and I'm overdue to touch up my roots): Well, my hair grows out of my head black, and then I put yellow dye on it.
Her: Hmm... You missed some spots.

Dental Distractions

I've always been pretty lucky when it comes to dental issues. I never had braces. My teeth are/were naturally fairly straight. And until a few years ago I had only ever had one cavity as a kid.
And yet I've had 2.5 root canals in the past week.
It hasn't been pretty.
I also didn't have a fear of dentists until 1-2 years ago. Now my fear is bordering right on paranoia.
Let me explain.
A few years ago, during my Peace Corps paperwork process, I had to go to the dentist. I found the cheapest one in Roanoke and even took a coupon with me. She took some x-rays and declared me good enough for the PC. But she did mention that I had 2 "almost" cavities, and encouraged me to come back for fillings before I left with the PC.
Well, as you might recall, I never did leave with the PC, did I?
So I put off getting the fillings, because, hey, they weren't really cavities anyway.
Earlier this year I finally got around to it (because I saw another coupon for that dentist,…

You Gotta Lock That Down

So my high school 20th class reunion was great. Yada yada. There are pictures and comments all over Facebook. Really, I did have a wonderful time. It was all the usual things you hear about 20th reunions- surreal, awesome, crazy, etc.

Let's stick with the story of things I normally talk about on this blog. Like dating and men.

My reunion was quite surreal for me because of the men. I'm not used to having a lot of men hit on me. It's just not something that has ever happened before. So to have multiple men give me their cards and suggest we go out sometime was... bizarre.

The comments, compliments, and interests from men (most of whom I did not actually know in high school) was just not normal. It was incredibly flattering and ego-boosting. I'm just really not used to such behaviors.

It got me to thinking. Why has this sort of thing never, not once, happened to me with Mormon guys?

I have some theories.

Several men gave me their numbers or cards. This is not uncommon …