Monday, November 18, 2013

eShakti for All!

Have I talked enough about eShakti to convince you all to buy their awesome dresses yet?
Because I freaking love eShakti! And I think you all need to try them and figure out why.

Here is what the Little Navy Sheath Dress looks like on their site -

eShakti Women's Split neck sheath dress 
And here is what it looks like on me- 
Not only did the color change (and I added a belt), but you might also notice it suddenly has sleeves, and is a little bit longer.

This is the magic of eShakti. YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE EVERYTHING (for just $7.50)!!!
You can add sleeves, change the neckline and/or the length of the dress, plus add or remove pockets, to make the dress suit you.

But that's not all folks!

You can also have the dress custom FIT to you!
Instead of picking size 2, 10, or 18, etc., you have the option of putting in your exact measurements, and having the dress custom fit precisely to you.

I have always had a difficult time finding dresses that fit me. I am short, but with long legs, and a very curvy torso. Finding dresses and skirts that reach my knee is a total joke. Finding dresses or shirts that fit me through the bust, and with my narrow shoulders? Never happened. All of my dresses are either too big in the shoulders, or the waist hits in the wrong place, etc. I usually just compromise with empire waist, or no-waist wrap dresses, and make do.

When I put my measurements in to eShakti I discovered my waist was a size 8, my shoulders a size 10, my bust a size 18, and my hips are size 12. No wonder nothing ever fits!

Which is why I LOVE my eShakti dresses that not only fit me, but actually hit at my real waist and hips as well. The measurements even take into account the distance between waist and hips, so the waist of my dresses actually are on my waist, and not around my hips (like what happens with most of my dresses).

Now, keeping in mind that I am a) not a model, b) not thin, c) not a photographer, d) not very good with any sort of photo editing service, I now share with you what I look like in my eShakti dresses, compared to my other regular clothes. (Also, I could really use a haircut.)

This is the "Ponte Knit Sheath Dress."  This is the same as my red dress above, but I chose a different neckline and slightly different sleeves.

And here is what I look like in a regular sheath dress that isn't custom fit to me.

Okay, so the picture isn't as bad as I want you to see. I'm really not photogenic so the good and bad are all just mediocre bad! Anyway, in this second dress, the black one, it's too curvy, with fat rolls. I look much thinner, and have a much better silhouette in the eShakti dress.

This next dress is the eShakti "Virginia" dress ($74.95). I LOVE this dress. I have never been able to wear a dress with a full or pleated skirt before, because the waist is usually around my hips, and therefore too wide, and really just looks BAD. I still have unfortunately wide hips, but it helps a lot to have the waist fit just right to make it look much more flattering than the alternative.

And here's the closest thing I have to a similar cut dress-
I like how the eShakti dress has a less revealing neckline, but is still a slimming v-neck (important to us full-figured girls). You can see in the second dress that the waist is right around my hips, making me look considerably wider than necessary.

And this last dress is the eShakti Havana dress. I bought this one for my 20th high school reunion. It got tons of compliments. It's just the right combination of modest/not too revealing, and party/sexy. I LOVE this dress. (I just wish I had a better picture in it.)

I don't have anything to compare this dress to because I've never dared to wear anything like it before. It definitely shows off my curves! (A lot!)

Here's a few more details to know- these dresses are VERY comfortable. As in, I'm still sitting here in the Havana dress right now because it's probably the most comfortable dress I own. I love it.

Did I mention it has pockets? And a side-zip?

And they are not dry-clean only. You can wash these at home and hang dry them.

I love them.

So why am I telling you all of this?

Because eShakti is having a 2 for 1 sale.

And they have free shipping.

So in 10 days from now you could own 3 custom-fit, gorgeous dresses, for less than $150. And you know you want that. You want it a lot.

Full disclaimer- I like eShakti enough that I am excited that I just got accepted to be an affiliate marketer for them. (But I've been talking them up long before I even applied to be an affiliate for them.)

So go get yourself some awesome dresses for the holidays. YOU KNOW YOU WANT ONE!!!

I know that I want this one- (I just added it to my Amazon Wish List.)
Retro Plaid Shirtdress- $129.  (I would change the sleeves to elbow length, take the "remove embellishment" option, and make it knee length. And of course have it custom fit to me. That would only be an extra $7.50. Oh and every time you buy from them they send you coupons for your next order, so I'll be taking at least $25 off the price to start with.)

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