Monday, November 11, 2013

Eye Opening Experience

You'll either understand this, or you won't. Because either you literally see it this way, or you won't.

My whole life I have seen "starbursts" after dark. The picture above is an okay depiction of what this is like.
Apparently not everyone sees halos or starbursts when they look at lights. This is just bizarre to me. You mean some people don't see a big fuzzy glow of light with beams? That's just crazy talk. Then what can they possibly see?
A few weeks ago I got new glasses. I have to wear them full-time again for several months. I've yet again built up a sensitivity to my contacts (or more likely the cleaning solution for contacts). And yet again, my prescription has changed. (I would LOVE for my prescription to stay consistent for a few years! Just once I'd like it to be the same! This would be convenient not just so I could qualify for Lasik, but so I wouldn't have to always be buying new glasses and contacts!)
I let the optician's store talk me into different glare reductions, coatings, etc, since my vision insurance covered the majority of the cost.
Wow am I ever glad I did.
I was told that by switching to my new prescription and to glasses, that my night vision might improve.
Understatement of the century!
Tonight I drove after dark for several miles since getting the new glasses. NO STARBURSTS! Minimal halos!
It was amazing! I had no idea how easy it could be to drive after dark. No confusion over brake lights versus stop lights from a distance! No rear lights or oncoming headlight with huge starbursts making it hard to see!
I know this probably isn't all that exciting or interesting to anyone else. But for me it was a life-changing moment. To literally see the world in a different way was just amazing.
And I am resisting the urge to turn this into some sort of personal parable or analogy for life. Make your own up. For me, I'm just enjoying SEEING.

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